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Larry & Joy Oakly at Nelson's Jazz Fest

*****DAY THIRTY-ONE (Friday, January 2nd) - ONE MORE DAY IN NELSON*****

Walked around Nelson in the morning, got a flat white, checked my e-mail....just errandy kind of stuff.  Then, I went to the Jazz Fest with Larry & Joy.  It was kind of like going to see a concert at Stern Grove....everyone had their chairs, blankets, food, etc & all set up on this lawn area.  It definitely got packed pretty quickly!

So, a couple funny things happened at the Jazz Fest...

1)  I actually got up and sang our National Anthem, in a microphone, in front of everyone!  They were giving away a free pass to the WOW museum (World of Wearable Arts) & we had *just* talked about it and I definitely wanted to go the next day on my way out of Nelson.

View of the crowd.
..so when they asked anyone who was there from another country to get up & sing their national anthem for a free pass...I thought why not!  I was not very good at all.  But I got the pass!  :)

2)  Larry broke his folding chair.  It may not sound funny, but it really was.  He all of a sudden kind of collapsed in the chair & then started cracking up.  He then proceeded to MacGyver his chair back together with some duct tape he happened to have in his backpack.

3)  We ran into Nick!  Their neighbor from Elaine Bay happened to be back in Nelson and at the Jazz Fest too.  It was so funny because I ran into him when I wasn't with Joy & Larry, so at first he was a bit out of context....how do I know him?  how do I know him?.

We ran into Nick! Larry & Joy's neighbor from Elaine Bay was at the concert. Too funny.
..and then of course I realized pretty quickly!  It was just so funny - so he came over & said hi to Joy & Larry too!

The music at the Jazz Fest was REALLY good.  It was such an enjoyable day just chilling at the park listening to music!  Oh - and I tried whitebait.  I'm not too sure how I feel about it.  I think I might like it better if I closed my eyes.  It's all these tiny little fish cooked into a scrambled egg patty thing.  It's just all their little eyes that are kind of gross to me.  It didn't taste bad though, at least I don't think....I'm not too sure. I'll have to try that again at some point. 

Anyway - Nelson was GREAT!  I would definitely love to come back to this town.  Mom & Dad, maybe this is where you want to buy a place in New Zealand?!?  Hmmmm....just throwing it out there.

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Larry & Joy Oakly at Nelsons Jazz…
Larry & Joy Oakly at Nelson's Jaz…
View of the crowd.
View of the crowd.
We ran into Nick!  Larry & Joys n…
We ran into Nick! Larry & Joy's …
The program
The program
I tried whitebait for the first ti…
I tried whitebait for the first t…
The Nelson Jazz Fest!
The Nelson Jazz Fest!
photo by: wendybodenmann