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i arrived this morning at 6am in frankfurt.  WOW - germany could not be more opposite of india!!!  everything is super clean, super organized, the weather is cool and it's SO quiet.  there is no honking on the streets!!!  i think i had almost forgotten that it actually can be quiet while driving.  after being in vietnam and india, i am so used to all the horns.  so funny.

even though i loved india, it is nice to have a day of quiet here.  today is going to be super mellow...i don't even know if i'm going to go into frankfurt.  i'm quite happy to spend a day chilling in a nice hotel and getting ready for the next part of my trip.  i head out tomorrow morning to croatia to meet up with friends from business school (megan minich, cagla erdogan and jeanne washington).

..i am so excited!!!  i have loved traveling on my own....but it will also be so much fun to travel with friends!!

okay, i'm going to head back up to my room to hang out and read or meditate or whatever!!!

MWAH to you all!!!


okay, so i just went out to get a bite to eat and it is just SO striking how DIFFERENT it is here than india.  i did not hear a single horn, the roads are super clean, things almost seem sparkly or something....cars actually STOPPED for me to cross the street.  the weather is also ridiculously perfect today.  kind of feels like one of those perfect days in SF when the sun is out, it is warm, but there is also a nice breeze.  i am going to go another walk once i log off of this sucker.  oh - and the waitress was SO nice....they typically only take credit cards for 20 euros or higher and my bill was less. but she did it for me anyway.  today is just so shiny and happy it's crazy.  and one more thing - i am reading this book called "White Tiger" - it's all about india.  so, it's even more striking reading a book that describes india perfectly, while i sit in this pristine city.  i don't even think i am going to see frankfurt though - i am enjoying just dilly-dallying around today.  :)

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