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The main station in Zurich
When it was already noon and the sunlight flashed merciless through the gaps in the roller shutter, we finally creeped out under our blankets. Although I've had a mixture of everything (batida di coco, rum, absinth, ...) I still was the fittest of us three - it's the Polish gene I suppose :D

When it was for me to leave an hour later my two new friends offered me to come with me to Zurich (already at this time both were dying of hunger and Danny reminded us of that every minute). I embraced this offer, of course and so we packed our stuff in a hurry to catch the next train  to Zurich. Arriving at the station, Danny and my host were heading to the snack bars instantly, whereas I tried to get a ticket first. Lucky as I am, I first had to wait until one of the ticket machines was free (5 minutes left to the departure).
Then this crappy thing accepted neither my cash-card nor my credit card so I had to fumble out the last francs I had with me. Finally, also my two companions noticed that I had a small problem and helped me out. Alas, because of that they had no more time to get something to eat so that some minutes later we sat hungry and sleepy in the train.

In Zurich I was amazed by the enormous councourse with the sculptures hanging down from the ceiling (I liked the big fat something with the wings most). Outside we were welcomed by a terrible frostiness - a horror for someone like me who is freezing all the time anyway. First of all, I wanted to get rid of my luggage so we walked to my hotel first. Although it wasn't far away, it got pretty heavy pretty quickly, so when my host offered me to carry it again, I didn't say "no" any more.
All the time I tried to check wether we were going right and sweared that I hadn't printed out a proper map of Zurich. I could hardly recognize the street names in the one inside my travel guide. Luckily, the Ziczac almost cannot be missed. I checked in quickly and brought my luggage into the room while the other were waiting.
Having done this, we went to tackle the most important issue at that moment: Getting something to eat!!!!!! Like the day before in Basel, almost everything was closed (apart from the Kebabs, Starbucks and Mc Donald's). Hungry as we were we kept on roaming the Zurich streets till we found LILY's, which had been recommended to Danny from a friend. I was very good, indeed. I still miss the Dim Sum - they were the best I've ever had.

Time passed very quickly and finally both guys had to go back to Basel. There was a short, bit confusing goodbye at the station and away they were. This moment I felt lonely like I hardly ever did. However, the day wasn't over yet. So first I returned to the hotel to warm up a bit before strolling through the streets of Zurich. At last I landed in the Bar Wüste, a little bar with a very special ambience. I felt comfortable in the instant - although I was alone there - and ordered a wine. I just needed some alcohol at that moment. The next hour (or two) I spent reading the newspaper, browsing the pictures I've made and thinking of the past and the oncoming days. Suddenly, the barkeeper placed a glass of Jägermeister in front of me. When he saw the question mark in my eyes he pointed to a guy in the corner who came over a moment later.
With my "I'll show you!"-attitude I drank the stuff off the reel  (and even without grimacing, hehe). Unfortunately this made me pretty talkative so even before I could realise what I was telling he already knew where I was staying and that I was all alone in Zurich. His answer: "Well, you could stay at my place overnight. This would save you the money for the hotel" ... Yessssssssss!!!!!!!!!! For sure I'd do!!^^ He became pretty importunate now (and he wasn't even handsome :o( ) and so I waited all the time for him leaving. Finally he did. I asked the barkeeper, if he knew him, instantly. When he said "no" I had to gulp. Great, I was all alone in Zurich and somewhere was a weird guy who knew about that. I waited further ten minutes and left the bar in a hurry to catch the couple who had walked pass the window a moment ago. I think they already got suspicious about me walking all the time not more than 3 metres behind them, because they walked faster and faster all the time. But I didn't mind - I only wanted to get back to my hotel.

Now I can tell you that even after the content of a whole bar this will never ever pass my lips again.

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The main station in Zurich
The main station in Zurich
The Grossmünster at night
The Grossmünster at night
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