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My husband and I at his sister's graduation.

The main reason for us going to California that year was for my sister-in-law's high school graduation.  Personally, I hate gradutations, I didn't even want to go to the ones I had, but I still go.  Plus, this was for her.  This graduation was so backwards compared to what I'm used to in Oklahoma.  Here, we graduate in May, she graduated in June.  Her graduation was outside, which is not possible in the unpredictable Oklahoma weather (as a matter of fact, a tornado completely destroyed a town during my college graduation).  Also, her graduation was on the football field, which was nothing more than a patch of grass with crappy wooden benches.  In this area of the country, football is king, and the field is like the pride of the school; it's where all the money goes.  I made it through the graduation, but I was bored and uncomfortable.  I could barely move since there were so many people around me.  But I made it.

Later that fall, I had a chance to go to her basic military training graduation in South Carolina, but unfortunately I was too busy with school.  Then last year I graduated from college, but she couldn't go since she was training in Louisiana.  My husband couldn't even go since he was deployed in Ecuador.  I'm just glad no one else is graduating anytime soon.

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My husband and I at his sisters g…
My husband and I at his sister's …
Sister-in-laws graduation
Sister-in-law's graduation
photo by: Andy99