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Actually the wedding ceremony for thai people has two parts. First one is anengagement ceremony and wedding ceremony Thai style. The second one is the party time. Usually the bride and the groom are doing everything in one day. Nui chose to do seperately. So her engagement and wedding ceremony had only people in their families to join.

Do you want to know about the thai wedding ceremony? I'll tell anyway haha .. After your boyfriend asked you to get married or you both agree with each other to get married then a man has to bring his people (which mean his parents or the person that he respects) to meet the family of a woman to make a marriage proposal from her parents. And then they will talk about the dowry. In thailand, a man side has to prepare it for a woman. There's no set amount. Some people call for million, some people don't require any. Marriage isn't something to sell your daughter but it's a traditional. In practice, a woman and a man may share money together and use it as a bride-price. Then the family hand the dowry back to the couple as a gift.  The parents can give them also if they would like to give them a gift. 

For the wedding ceremony, in the morning we follow the thai customs to do the engagement ceremony. Parents, friends and relatives will attend this one.  It's an only day for most of us that we can wear Thai traditional costumes :D:D:D (I mean for the bride and the groom) but nowadays depends on them. If they want to wear a suit or a short or whatever, they can do it also ...  Besides dowry, we do have the diamond ring or gold ring or other jewellery. The groom will give to the bride. We call it "the engagement ring". Then they will exchange the wedding rings later.

After finish, it's time to give away the bride. We can do it in our house or in the hotel. Usually they book one room in the hotel - the same hotel that they will have a party in the night. This part, just only the family do it. They will find the old couples that stay together for long time to sit and sleep in the room and give the bless to the bride and the groom so that they will live together forever. Then the family gives a bless to them. Then finish! The bride and the groom shouldn't get out of the room until the next morning. If not, believe that they would divorce later.

For nui, we don't have to prepare the wedding ceremony because her parents know how to set up. We (friends) only prepared the party at Kaoyai. But find out that was a hard job as well. Nui gave us the photos and floor plan of Kaoyai. Most of us work in the advertising company. We used to work with the event organization, share the idea, brain storm, so even we don't have any experience about the wedding but we got an idea.

This time Nuii acted as a client. The rest of us became the creative team and client service team. The brief from her was just only "Pale pink, Light violet, Bohemian, Party, Friendly and garden" ... what should be?? We were at Londoner Pub, I remember ... create the theme and concept in the chaos and with beer.  15 minutes later we got the theme - Vintage Party in a homey backyard?

Everyone agreed but Nui. She said she doesn't like the word "Vintage" ... ? She asked us to change to another word because she doesn't want to use that word. We had to explain her that was just a theme and concept it's not the name of the party ... Com'on it's just a mood and tone! We asked her "Are you agree with the vintage theme???". "Yes", she said. So that's the theme  :)

Then she said "so New, please work on the party name". Hahaha .. ok ok. But you know actually Nui is a copywriter also, thought she would do it by herself but yes she afraid that it isn't so perfect if she did it. How can you trust me anyway? But ok, if you want. Then she said "and invitation card too!"

Now we knew what to do, some of us went to shopping to by some props. Some helped her designed the cards and backdrop. I did for all the content she wanted to use. Then we went out together to buy the dress and waited for the wedding to come .. soon!




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photo by: newtampo