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Finally ... she made a decision to leave her single life!! Hahaha ... really nice when I was told that "new, i'm getting married this year"!

It's about 10 years that i know her, Nui, a friend from university. In our gang, just a few that have boyfriends. Some don't want to have a boyfriend. Some want but can't find one haha. Some want to stay alone. Some just feel bored so they dumped them. If i count the number of my friends who have boyfriend, is just about 5 from 20. Nui's boyfriend is Joe. I know him since they know each other. I haven't talked to him much but I've met him more. One day, they told me that they bought a house together - surprised! Later they told me that they would get married - surprised more!!!

I was surprised - not that I thought it's impossible but as it is possible! And this marriage is also the first one of our gang. Some of you maybe already know about Thai culture or maybe don't? We have something different from european or other  asian cultures. I heard from my european friends that the couples in their countries move to stay with each other after they agree to be boyfriends-girlfriends - without any comments from their parents or gossip or else. I agree. If we don't learn each other or stay together so how do we know that we can live life with our partners .. even just for now or forever?

But in Thailand - no. Same same but different. To do that in our culture is actually wrong. To live together before having a marriage isn't acceptable (yes some people do it now but still not over than 40% acceptable) And a woman and a man who are boyfriend and girlfriend can't express their feeling to each  other in public for example kiss, hugs (note : Ok, this is the culture. But people would do it or not, depends! But now everything's change so I don't say "no", if you said you see some couples do it in public.  :)) But some people don't. And if they can't hug or kiss in public so ... how can they move to stay together before getting married?! Most of parents don't accept it.  (But if they don't know, it's alright .. haha no no jk.)

Actually it's not a prohibit but it's like something that we shouldn't do. I'm not the generation x. I was born before them. Even i don't follow the way of culture much but i didn't ruin it either. What i do will never hurt anyone anyway. Sometimes I do what they say "don't" but something that can hurt my parents i don't do. (Actually not don't do ..  but don't tell them hahahaha)

In my gang, i'm the one who always breaks the rules but i've never done anything bad and never hurt people. My friends understand me and they don't anti for what i've done. But they just don't do the same as me. So to stay in the same house with their boyfriends before getting married, they don't do. Most of them are staying in the house of their parents. So if they want to stay with their boyfriends, they have to get married. And even they want to have a baby, they have to get married first also!

So that was the reason for my friend, Nui, to get married. She doesn't want to married actually. Just wanted to stay with Joe as they're together for about 5 years. But they had to get married because they do not want anyone blame her family. But she doesn't want to have the wedding in the hotel as the others. What she wanted was .. the wedding on the beach or in the moutain :)

The beach is nice but to set up the place for the party on the beach is cost her higher than the moutain. She doesn't want to spend money for nothing. She just wanted it to be like a celebration party, easy but cool. Only friends were invited. When she told me that the party is at the mountain. I just said OK but when she said it's at Kaoyai. I was .. really? Really?!! Wooooo!

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photo by: newtampo