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It wasn't until reading copious travel blogs on this site, that I truely realised I wasnt alone in my odd fasination of Volcanos... and exploring them close up, more to the point.  I always thought it was a strange urge that I wouldn't forfill, I mean, when do you really get the opportunity for that kind of malarkly?  But, Alex (the diamond) and my family back home had long since planned for us to bring the dream to life for my birthday, and plan a tour of White Island; New Zealands most active volcano, and the sole marine example.  It was supposed to have gone ahead back in September, but due to bad weather we were forced to cancel the plans. Four months later we finally managed to get back to Whakatane, in the Bay of Plenty, to get our butts on the boat back to the Island.


The tour began at 7am, when we stummbled upon a subtley lavish two-deck boat at the Wharf at Whakatane, with 20 other tourists, all simarly prepared in their walking boots, and comfortable, waterproof clothing.  The journey on the boat took approximately an hour and a half, across a choppy, dolphin inhabited stretch of sea, which in total honesty, was a fantastic trip all by itself.  We then had the opportunity to enjoy a two hour tour of the volcano, of course with all the major highlights and 'photo opportunities' being part of that route.  I can only describe the place like...... what you would imagine the surface of the moon to be like; ridiculous landscapes, hazordous and sheer drops and clifffaces, huge smoking vents of steam pouring from below the surface, It was an uninhabital world.

  Well, at least it had been for nearly a century, following a disaster at the island which killed 10 mining men after an eruption around 1915.  The remains of their fateful camps can still be seen, and have reamined untouched through the decades.  It's quite an eerie place, yet fabulous at the same time, its exhilarating and sad, magical but deadly all in one single footstep.  I loved my white Island tour, the staff onboard the boat and the island itself were welcoming and enthusiastic and I wouldnt hesitate in repeating the experience.  In fact, in retrospect as i write this, it was a highlight of my time in New Zealand, one I reccomend to anyone who is facinated by the earth and mother nature.

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White Island
photo by: Jeroenadmiraal