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The following four hour flight passed uneventfully; i managed to sleep almost the entire duration due to pure boredom • my flight entertainment system hadn’t been working since London so there was no distraction from films or TV programmes that you normally have to keep your mind occupied.  I had only 40 minutes left of the flight when I finally roused from my snoozing and took the opportunity of alertness to double check all my details on my boarding pass.  This would of course, lead me onto my second plane and third and final flight towards my first destination....Australia.   According to the flight details registered on the screen in front of me, we would land in Taipei at 21.50.  I found this rather unsettling due to fact that boarding for my onwards flight to Brisbane closed at 21.40, ready to take-off 20 minutes later.  The fear crept in, my intense efforts of rationalisation flying straight out the window.   I had no idea if any of the passengers onboard were taking the same route as me, and didn’t have the slightest clue as to how I would make it to the gate in time, let alone the terrifying image of the luggage handlers trying to offload my back-pack amongst the hundreds of bags in the hold, and re-loading it onto the next plane in a mere 20 minutes.  It seemed to me at that moment, the most impossible of feats, but I knew I had to at least worry about myself first and foremost, and leave the rest to the professionals.......surely they knew what the hell they were doing.....??!  I have never been on those people that take off their seat-belts the moment the plane hits the tarmac ready to push and shove all the way to immigration, but on this occasion I was possibly the first one of several hundreds to be standing in my seat, struggling to collect up my belongings and get the hell of that plane.  The following 15 minutes were a blur, I don’t even remembering to check the departure boards inside the airport to collect my new gate number, but I remember running like a crazed person....... legging it so fast that I would have given Forrest Gump a run for his money.  A sense of total relief overcame me as I spotted a young girl just ahead of me, who I recognised from check-in at Heathrow.  She was wearing a funky straw trilby hat and I just knew she was heading for OZ, which she confirmed once I caught up with her.  How nice it was to have some one to swear raucously about the terrible organisation with, really I was just pleased to not feel totally alone for a moment.  We both made it to our seats, with all the others passengers seated and ready, looking up at us as if to say “So its You we have been waiting for ...tut tut”.  I think it was after the initial first potential disaster was over that my excitement really began.  Finally I was sitting in the seat that would take me all the way to Australia.  I finally had a window seat! I finally had an in-flight entertainment system that worked!  Everything was suddenly so right, and I simply could not wipe the grin off my face • the women next to me probably thinking I was a crazed lesbian.  In the most blissful of moods, I lent back into my seat, grin still very much present, and FINALLY watched the film I’d been looking forward to for 16 hours. 
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photo by: Deats