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My last day in NZ...... what would I do with it?

I had only just got back from Auckland 5 days or so before, and suddenly my family was visiting and my flights were booked to go 'home'. It was lovely to have my mum and step-dad with me- Emma too - though I remember thinking that the house seemed too small all of a sudden. That my emotions didnt have room - that I needed more space.... my urge for solititude sneeking back I guess.

I managed to waste a few hours wondering Pollen Street, being distracted by my mum dragging me into antique shops in the search for Cartenware. Whilst in town, I of course paid a visit to the Imperial hotel to say good bye to the place that had been the home to some of my best kiwi moments, and to Maori Mike & Stella the bull mastif.

.. More good-byes followed; next came Brian - the first friend I made, then perhaps the worst of all.... Karen & Colin- my surrogate parents at the Coastal Motor Lodge- the bosses who treated me like a daughter, not a passing employee.

After that rancid goodbye I had had enough, I went back to the house, rolled up an extra long 'cigarette' and walked down Adams road Hill to Thornton Bay Beach. The beach here is very plain in a way - the sea is calm, the sand a mellow hue but more often than not - you have it all to yourself and it radiates peace and tranquility. Across the Firth of Thames you can see the hills behind Kaiaua & Miranda, behind which the sun always sets. Its beautiful. Me and Emma stayed for hours, until it was time to head back up the hill, for my last sleep.

We just sat. Looking, watching, breathing, smelling..... trying to capture the moment, and not let go.

It took a LOT of will power to not sit upon such a wonderful sight full of regret to be leaving, but instead brimming with pride. Hell, I had done some cool stuff and had an abdundance of special memories; I had walked around an active marine volcano and climbed two other NZ peaks, I had gone out on the piss all on my own....and had the best nights doing so! I had visited a south pacific paradise.... and been robbed! I had drunkenly shaken hands with John key - the NZ Prime Minister! I had riden the mighty Shot-Over Jet . I had lived with a colourful aray of people from all around the world including Koreans, Kiwi's, Canadian's, Irish, Indians and Australians!

But more than anything, I felt different, more confident.... more equiped to face the world and all it throws at you. It was that feeling of acomplishment and self-worth that I would taking home with me, as my greatest souvenir- and onwards with me, wherever the wind would blow me, forever more. Thank you New Zealand. Good Evening & Good-Bye xoxoxoxoxox

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photo by: pinkpeardrops