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I had spent the first 11 hours of my flight wedged between two large, middle aged men, both British and both heading eastwards to rendezvous with their significant other half’s, whom were both young Thai ladies.  It was a shame really, as instead of thinking how magical is was that I was suddenly descending into such a majestic gem of a country, fantasizing about the glorious tropical beaches and outstanding examples of eastern culture beneath me, I was in fact imagining these dodgy characters either side of me tormenting the minds and no doubt the bodies of poverty stricken youngsters, who probably knew no better.   Let’s just say, with no true offense meant to either of the two lone travellers, I was quite pleased that I would be re-boarding this jet with two new passengers in a few hours time, heading onwards to Taiwan.  I had reluctantly taken up my “middle seat” on the jet back at Heathrow, adamant that I would witness none of the country as we lowered into the city, ruining my only chance at seeing the landscape from above.  I was ecstatic to later realise I  was indeed going to get my first glimpse of the mighty Thailand by sheer luck that the window seat occupier next to me was not only a skinny little bugger, but also more than aware of my desire to see the view.  My first reaction was that of total shock; I had not been expecting Bangkok to appear so insanely vast - it seemed to carry on forever, a civilisation of poverty and great wealth all bundled up into one great mess of city, but lit up beautifully by the rising sun of that morning... it was quite a picture. 

I was allowed to leave the plane for a mere two hours, where I (of course) spent the majority of which in a nauseated ecstasy, filling my lungs with as much nicotine as was humanly possible.  I also spent time wondering in the shops, pondering over a purchase of duty free Benson & Hedges and of some freaky looking Thai sweets.  Being the tight-arse that I normally am with my cash, I ended up buying neither of the items and wondered back again to the smokers lounge where I was happy to sit contently listening to snippets of Thai conversation and soaking up the undeniable humidity.... a humidity totally foreign to me.  That and the thousands of Asian faces that paced about the airport made me realise one incredible thought.  I was truly on my way, and Essex was suddenly a very far away land.

katy_custard says:
lol.... I would increase it, if only I knew how Vikram, tried many times!
Posted on: Jan 17, 2011
Vikram says:
And agree with you, that was the one thing I found a bit, erm disgusting about Thailand when I visited 7 yrs ago. On one hand, these amazing Buddhist temples and blue waters, and then the 60-70yo white men with 20yo thai girls.
Posted on: Jan 15, 2011
Vikram says:
Nice blog but please increase the font size.
Posted on: Jan 15, 2011
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