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Australia Zoo was really the main reason why I first began looking at the Sunshine Coast whilst planning my whistlestop Australian itinerary back in the UK.  I doubt there any many people who wouldnt check this place out given half a chance - although to add to the excitement, I am a true fan of anything cute and fluffy.  As a child I was often found hiding in the dogs bed and have been told off my entire life for quite literally running off after animals.  They enchant me.....far more than most humans.  So, it felt appropriate to leave this trip till the end - the final Australian Finale.

From Mooloolaba, the coach trip was short and pleasent; every drive was an adventure really- along roads you have never been before - looking out at a landscape you have never seen before.

  Arriving was totally surreal - already everywhere you look, before you have even enetered the main gates, the prescense of Mr Steve Irwin is all around you.  Just past the gates there is a life size bronze statue of him and his family, not forgetting his beloved and faithfull dog Sui.  From the simple bloody momument - its actually a very emotional start to the day - and I remember feeling quite privileged to be walking around a zoo that the man himself pretty much built from scratch.  What made it worse was that I had not long read Terri Irwins Autobiography - and by doing so, when you arrive in Beerwah, you feel like you already know the place, know its history, and feel emotionally connected to the people that call this their home, through work or otherwise.
Me with my new friends!

Holding back some very real tears, we headed on through the Zoo - just catching feeding time for the two baby elephants Bimbo & Siam, where me and Kat got stuck in (pushing all the little kids out of the way!) and managed to hand feed them some fruit which they hoovered off our hands with minimal effort.  From there the rest is a blur - i can no longer remember in which order or way we made our way through the park... it goes on forever!   The dingo's were absolutely brilliant - exuding this fierce freedom - running after each other in their inclosure like wild things -and rightly so!  They wouldnt stay still long enough for me to even get a picture of them - but I decided that I was pleased about this - they looked like they were having an awesome time!  Then we hit the koala 'department' Holy crap - they are just as cute as I had always imagined- I didnt actually hold one - simply gave one very sleepy gentleman a good stroke whilst clinging comfortabley to his ucalyptus tree.

  It took a lot of effort to not steal one....

Then of course- the kangaroo's...... my favourites!!!!!  This was possibliy my best half hour spent in Oz - they absolutely mesmorised me.  I sat and watched them, amazed to be noticing many differences between their personalities.  Some were all over the tourists - knowing that food was on offer.  I decided that these were the ditzy, confident youngsters - who didnt give a crap about thier 'own space'.... they wanted all the attention they could get.  Then there were others who sat in solarity, refusing to even glance in the direction of the hoards of tourists, despite the promise of treats.  They seemed a bit grumpy - not at all in the mood for all the disturbance.  I swear the look on thier faces said 'would you please piss of back to England, pommy, so I get on with my nap'.

Inside the Crocoseum
  The roos were mainly very sociable creatures and obviously used to the traffic - and sitting with them, feeding and stroking them with my bare hands is a moment ill never, ever forget.  

At this point I could happily of left without even seeing a Croc... it still would have been excellent.  But that would have been bloody stupid - so off we went to the Crocoseum.  Its surprisingly big, but due to the time of year, it was only half full and we managed to get seats close to the action, closely watching th daredevil employees hand feed 12 foot crocdiles that would have happily eaten them for breakfast.  It was a hell of a show - a very freindly and involving presentation of the Zoo and the crocs..... a bit about Steve etc.  You felt very welcome, and aware that they were grateful of your prescense.

   The Zoo Team, not the crocodiles that is.  They seemed generally pretty annoyed - ready and willing to chew off someones leg.

I must not forget to mention the various other wildlife - from the beautiful tigers, to the butterflys, the giant retiles, snakes and spiders.  Not forgetting the goats or the komodo dragons or the Wombats and panda's!   The list is endless, and once again - you really need to check it out for yourself- an animal lover or not, an adult or a child, this is by far the best 'Zoo' i've ever been too - and one of the best days out I can remember. 

With our final planned outing done, my itinerary was finally complete, leaving us 2 days to slowly migrate back to Brisbane for our respective flights late on the 3rd.

  It gave me a chance to soak up as much as possible through chatting to a few locals, gazing at the landscape and generall falling completely and utterly in love with the Land of OZ.  Though I must admit, saying good bye wasnt the heart breaking experience I thought it might be - I would be back - of that there was no doubt - but more to the point....... The Land Of The Long White Cloud and my new home in Thornton Bay was waiting for me!  :)

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Me with my new friends!
Me with my new friends!
Inside the Crocoseum
Inside the Crocoseum
Agro!  This croc featured in numer…
Agro! This croc featured in nume…
Me and Kat
Me and Kat
Australia Zoo
photo by: katy_custard