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Cuban rum specials at a British pub

A couple of submariner friends of a friend have been doing some training here in Yokosuka. I've been showing them around on the weekends, we've been doing mostly cultural stuff, but they wanted to party too! We tried "bar-hopping" in Yokosuka at the Honch. I have to admit, I've never actually gone drinking at the Honch, it always seemed it bit lame. Well, we unanimously agreed that it was LAME. Literally all but one ship are deployed, so you would see the same 12 people at each bar you went. We ended the night pretty early, around 23:30 at the CoCo Ichibanya curry house. We decided the next night would definitely be Roppongi.

The plan for Roppongi was to take one of the last trains in, get there around midnight, and take one of the first trains out, leaving around 5-ish. We all met at Yokosuka-chuo station, then it was a game of musical trains all the way. One of the guys, Horace, is black, and it was a running joke that he is unknowingly enrolled in some secret club for black men in Japan. Everywhere we went, they would wave, nod, say hello, start talking to him... sure enough, on the train, a guy from Senegal started talking to him and lucky for us, was going our way. We finally emerged at Roppongi crossing around 00:35.

It was madness! I had been there during the day, but everywhere you turn there was a bar, someone trying to get you to go in their bar, masses of people, lights... We wandered around for a bit until we found a pub to start off with.

The sun was starting to rise when we left the club
Before going in we got treated to the opinion of "experts" that had spent all of 4 days in Tokyo telling us where the "real" action is, and where the "real" partying was... While we're all looking around going "hmm, booze, people, food... looks good enough for me!" We did encounter several foreigners insisting that we were not in the right place for a good time, which begs the question, why were they there?

After a couple of drinks, we went on wandering around. There were a lot of places, a lot of pubs and foreigner bars. We ended up ducking into one place after being harrased by some club promoters. Turned out to be pretty cool and we spent the rest of the night there. It was super crowded, but the music was pretty good and the bar was well stocked.

Again, we encountered some rude foriegners that felt they owned the place after a couple of nights (seriously? do I sound that retarded when I travel?). We were expecting them to call for last-call, or start kicking us out or something aroun 4:30am, but nothing ever came. Brandie was fading fast around this time, so we decided to head out and find a place to eat. We found this awesome noodle shop near the subway station. I would equate it to a Japanese Denny's, with hard-as-nails waitresses running around, drunk people snoozing, and the early riser with the newpaper in the corner. (Those responsible early risers make you feel like you've been extra-irresponsible by staying out all night partying...)

The train back wasn't so bad, as I've been warned by other people it would be terrible. Brandie slept, while the rest of us tried to maintain a little bit of decorum. Horace and Julia were flying back out that day, so they had to stay up long enough to catch the Narita bus. For me, catching my last connection and walking 25 minutes uphill took way to long. Thank god I didn't run into my very proper, church-going, Japanese neighbors, that's would be something to explain in my broken Japanese.

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Cuban rum specials at a British pub
Cuban rum specials at a British pub
The sun was starting to rise when …
The sun was starting to rise when…
chowing down on some post-booze no…
chowing down on some post-booze n…
The sun fully up after eating.
The sun fully up after eating.
The 5:30 train back. My friend sha…
The 5:30 train back. My friend sh…
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