3/11 Sendai Earthquake

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What do the Japanese people do when they have to conserve energy? Do they blame their government? Buy generators? No. They go to their local hardware shop and drop +$100 on low energy light bulbs or +$300 on low energy lights.

For starters, I hate earthquakes. Everyone has an irrational phobia that paralyzes them, and when I came to Japan, I found out mine was earthquakes. Luckily, most of the ones in Japan last no mare then 30 seconds and they are done.

So when I was getting out of the shower yesterday, and the house started shaking, I kept telling myself to calm down, it was going to be over soon… but the shaking got worse, and kept going and going, stuff started falling over, shit was getting scary. I managed to throw on some panties and a t-shirt and crouch by the bathroom door with a towel over my head. Finally it sort of stopped, threw on the rest of my clothes, made a quick post on FB and went downstairs to check on my roommate.

Spent the next 2 6-point-something aftershocks with my roomie under her dining-room table saying a few hail-marys and our-fathers.

Almost empty shelves at the 7/11
Thankfully, we are on base, supplied by out own generators and never lost power, was able to keep in touch with people and find out what the heck was going on.

Tsunami warning, based closed down, people stuck all over the place cause none of the trains were running… definitely lucky I wasn’t out and about when all this happened, or else I might have ended up at Yokohama stadium or in a 24 hour coffee shop.

Eventually was able to get a hold of most of my friends and family here and up north, found out everyone is safe, which makes me happy. Also managed to get a hold of most of my family, and talk a lot of my friends back in the states and throughout the world. It has been very heartwarming and humbling to talk to everyone.

Finally seeing images of the tsunami up north, the nuclear plant explosions, fires, gridlocked traffic, things are not good. Was hoping to see the BF this weekend (could definitely use a hug!), but his ship redeployed almost immediately after coming back in. Understandable, since Sendai area is so hard hit that they would send ships to make water and provide emergency services, but still kind of sucks. I’m not sure why I keep getting involved with Navy guys… can never have a normal relationship.

So for now, dealing with the aftershocks, keeping an eye on the news and laying low. Definitely prefer hurricanes over this!

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What do the Japanese people do whe…
What do the Japanese people do wh…
Almost empty shelves at the 7/11
Almost empty shelves at the 7/11
photo by: bensonryan