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me and grant

Hey folks, so....I haven't updated you all in a while and have some stuff to tell you!!

I've had a few friends come to see me over the past week that i met in Asia and I have loved seeing them again!

Firstly Grant, whos from Aberdeen and I met in Singapore! We met up and had a walk around auckland, catchin up on what each other had done in the past 2 months of not seeing each other! Sounded like he had a ball while I was just working hard! Then we went to his hostel to convince his friends to come out at night! They did and we got absolutely wasted. We went to Globe Bar, which is the bar connected to the hostel! There was this deaf guy at the bar, who grant had met on his bus. I surprised him and said "oh i can do a bit of sign lanuage" So I got chatting to this deaf guy in sign language, he understood most of what i said, which was surprising, as i hadn't done it for years!! Some things he had to write own as I didnt understand him, but it was good.

claire with my souvenier from figi!
He told me him and his friend rent out their house and they travel with that money and dont need to work! Lucky sods!! I had a game of pool with Grant (loser had to buy the next round) and I had about 5 flook shots in a row, i would aim the ball at one pocket and it would go into the complete opposite pocket, the guys stood around the table with their chin on the ground! Grant smiled knowing fine well it was sheer mystery and luck!!! Eventually my luck ran out and he potted the balls, winning the game! It was a close call though and I didnt buy the next round anyway! ha!

That night I ended up staying at the hostel as there was a spare bed in their room and no one even noticed!! It was weird staying in a hostel again!! But i loved it!! The next day i got up, went home and met up with grant to have some lunch and to say goodbye.

me and claire in deveonport
Im sure we will meet again with him only in Aberdeen and him having the bug to travel again, i bet i see him in Oz, rather than the deen! haha! He's a lovely guy though!!

After Grant left, i went back to work until Claire came to Auckland, i counted down the hours!! I couldnt get the day off work so she arranged to come to my work!! I don't think i will ever forget the picture in my head of her walking in........with this big backpack, her day pack on her front and carrying about 3 other bags in her hands. She was soooo brown you would think she was from Asia or Figi or something!!! She waited around til i finished, with a fire drill in between (so we got a quick 20 minute catch up while we stood outside).

the view from devonport to Auckland city
She handed me a little gift from Figi, so sweet of her, its like this little round brown ball made into a little man, its weird and kind of ugly, but i will keep it forever!!

After my shift, we ate at my work and caught up! We decided not to go out that night and talk about what we should do over the next week! I introduced her to Skype and we sat up all night phoning people. I had told her about it in Asia and she chose to ignore me and run up a 500pound bill on her mobile! Silly girl...should have listened to me!

Saturday morning, we went down to the Whale and Dolphin boat (we get on free due to me working at the bar -the sailors drink there so we saved ourselves $300 - sweet!). We got on the boat....scorching day, but so windy being on the boat! We went inside the boat as there were no dolphins to be seen! We felt a bit sick so we lay down and went to sleep! 4 hours later we woke up.

me in paihia beah!
...still no dolphins!! The skipper comes up on the tanoy "ladies and gentlemen, im sorry that we havent seen any dolphins today, im gonna get the crew to give you all a free voucher to use at another time" 5 minutes later, killer whales appear jumping in and out of the water.  "wow....ooooh.....awwww" you can hear everyone and clicking with their cameras! It was great!! The skipper announced we would still get our free voucher, FAB!! We can use them another time in New Zealand!

That night we went out, it was my friend laura's, boyfriends birthday. We joined them for a couple and went to the bar i worked in, it was sooo busy i actually hated being a customer there as it was TOO busy!! The next morning we had arranged to go to Wahiki island with a friend, Julia. Well it was impossible for us to get up! We were a little hungover to say the least! Julia picked us up a little lated than planned and we headed to another lovely place called Devonport! It was across the water and you can see the city clearly from the other side! CAn you see the Sky tower? That night we had an early night as we knew monday was a big day to get evrything sorted, change flights, book buses, hire a car etc! We got up early monday morning and completed our earns! We booked a kiwi experience bus (claire would start it after she left me and i would start it after i came back from Brisbane....February time), we hired a car for tuesday to go to the Bay of islandsand claire sorted out her flights and decided to extend her stay in New Zealand! During Monday, claire and I had to pick up parcels from the post office.....both at different collection points and being at opposite ends of auckland!! So we hopped on the train (nothing went wrong this time) and headed to get claires, my friend picked us up and took us to the one I had to go to! CLOSED! "what? its only 4pm, why does it shut at 1pm, thats rubbish" I looked at my leaflet that i had received through the letterbox and sill me it stated clearly the opening times.

"do you want to get a DVD for tonight then claire?" I asked.

"Yeh lets get the one in the lonely planet, Once were warriors"

Julia gave us her video card and her pin number. So we went to the video shop and looked for about 40 minutes for a dvd as we wanted a comedy for after once were warriors! So, you would think you would just have to swipe the card, pop in your pin and WHAM you have the DVD's!? Not for us!!

"Erm is this your card?" The man asks.

Thinking whether or not i should lie, would I still get the DVD's if I said it was my friends?

"Erm...yeh its my card"

"oh ok, its just the details arent showing up, whats your name?"

"Oh what I thought, trust us to have hassle!..........Julia Campbell"

"Whats your phone number?"

I look in my mobile to read out Julia's mobile! I rattle it off!!!

"Nope, its not on the system, how do you spell your surname?" He asks.

"C.....A.....M....B....E....L.....L" accidently missing out the P.

"Don't you spell your name c...a...m...P...b...e...l....l?" Claire says, nudging me!

At this point im getting all flustered!!

"is your middle name Dawn?" The man asks, still stying to find the correct account.

Jeez, i dont know Julia that well, i dont have a clue!! "ermmm"  I look at Claire to give me some indication on what I should say "......NO?" I say with the tone in my voice as if I was asking him if i was correct or not! What a fool, i need to say something, theres was a queue beginning!

"Hold on, i will just fone my friend" I say "The thing is, she opened the account for me and I dont know what details she has put!"

I go out side to phone Julia, for her to tell me what address she lives at and that her middle name actually IS dawn!!

While I am thinking what to say, i come back into the shop and tell claire that Dawn is the middle name. By this time the manager has came to see what is going on!! EEK!!

"Ermmm ok, i have just phoned my friend and she has put it under her name.....the thing is we have the same surname (even though i spelt it wrong!).

EVENTUALLY we got the dvds, me and claire walked out the shop VERY red and wondering why they fell for that!

Once were warriors is a great film, you have to see it if you havent already! It's such a sad film and if it wasnt for claire pumping the whole way through it, i might have even cried, however we laughed the whole way through, with claire running out the room to pump! She had constipation for a few days before and overdosed on some constipation pills and who suffered....ME!!

The next morning we had to return the DVD's!! I wont go into a long story but we left at 10am and it should have taken 15 minutes to do what we had to do, but somehow it took us 3 hours!! We were late picking up the car and it was pouring with rain and we had walked for hours trying to find the dvd shop and the car rental place!! During this time we went to Starbucks, treating ourselves as it was cold and wet and we had been walking for ages!! Claire found it amusing that i asked "whats a hot white chocolate?" The little japanese girl saying "well its white hot chocolate" and me still confused what it is. I had in my mind that it was with milk, just like you get a white coffee and a black coffee, you see where I am coming from?

So anyway, we are sitting having our tea (i decided in the end i would try this HOT white chocolate. It was the most disgusting thing i have ever tasted, it tasted like hot water with sugar!!) and we start talking about what we have learnt through travelling and mines was "never try anything new, stick to what you like" due to the fact i tried this hot white chocolate and i really should have just got a cup of tea!! Claire found this amusing due to the fact i was travelling and experiencing NEW things!! But i was deadly serious!

We treck to the car rental place (claire near dying on the way, as she stepped onto the road and i physically had to pull her back as she was about 2 cm's away from being run down by a big yellow bus) we were disappointed that its an old banger and not one they showed us on the internet!

We head out, yaaay we are on the road! Everyone said how easy it was to get there "its a straight road" they all said "you can't go wrong". Claires in the driving seat with me giving directions......bad idea!! "no its that lane, no its that lane, actually it was the other lane! ahhh the map is up side down!!"  After a couple of hours i get in the driving seat, never driven an automatic before and thinking that the brake was the clutch. everytime i went to change i gear i would brake suddenly giving claire whip lash!! The car looked like a learner driver bouncing along the road, jolting every 5 seconds haha!! I got the hang of it eventually!!

We get to the hostel and decide to go out for dinner, mmm a chip shop by the sea side! I had explained to claire i was allergic to fish and the reaction that happens when i eat it!! So i decided to get a sausage supper! I was so disappointed when i unwrapped the paper to find the sausage wasnt battered, whats all that about? Is it just scottish people that do that, coz claire looked at me funny when i said i would have preferred it battered! The smell of her dinner was so good, i asked her if i could try a little bit. "thought u were allergic?" she said. "I am, but it might just be in the head!" i say trying to convince myself!

My lips start to swell up and my throat and tongue gets really hot and itchy!! "Aww claire what will i do?"

"Tina, i have no sympathy for you, you just told me you were allergic!!" she says whilst she throws chips at the birds. The place was swamped with stupid birds while im trying to eat my dinner, it was disgusting, i think she did it even more to annoy me! haha!

That night I dreamt i was in a car crash and i screamed in the hostel. One women shook me to see if i was ok!! I was oo embarressed. claire laughed at me obviously! The next morning we woke up and headed over to a place called russell, it was nice, claire said it reminded her of cornwall though, it was resort like! At 5pm we had booked to go on a cruise! $178 for shooting, kayaking, fishing, your dinner, a nights accomodation and your breakfast! It was great, i would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. Its called The Rock! Claire shot the plastic duck twice and won herself a drink!! The fishing was dull.....i dont see the facination in it but i can now say ive tried it! We did some night kayaking where we saw fospherates (i dont know how to spell it or say it for that matter but thats on the right lines i think). They are little tiny organisms that live in the water and light up! It was really cool, but i was pretty scared thinking that I was in the middle of the sea with shark, whales and loads of other creatures that can tip me out my boat and eat me!! We went to bed, and thats maybe the only complaint i have about the boat, the beds werent that comfy and i couldnt sleep, i had to go to the toilet a couple of times and i had to walk down stairs in the dark and at one point i imagined a whale on the boat as i saw this big black shadow!! Yes I am crazy in the head i know!!

The next day claire snorkelled while i watched, i didnt fancy it and with the episode of having a panic attck the last time, i didnt want to make a scene! Claire said it was freezing and that she didnt see much anyway. So i was glad i didnt do it! When you have snorkelled in thailand and saw tropical fish etc, its not the same! We headed over to an island where the crew asked us if we would rather go in the smaller boat or go in the kayaks. Claire and I went in the kayaks! About half an hour later someone shouts "DOLPHINS!" We jump in the kayaks and paddle over to them. They were soo friendly, swimming under us and around us!! It was amazing kayaking with wild dolphins!! That was probably the highlight of the trip!!

Once we got off the boat we were pretty hungry and decided to get a pub lunch. "Girls do you have any ID?" Keeping in mind Claire is 32!!!

"you what? For food? Im 32" claire said! We found it hilarious that we were getting ID'd for food!! Maybe that was the highlight of claires trip haha! She actually doesnt look 32 though!

That night we slept in the car, thinking we wold be adventurous and save $25, it only resulted in getting no sleep and driving home the next day MEGA tired!!

We got back safe and sound and handed the car back! Later that day saj came round to see us (giving me a dress of hers that i wore constantly in thailand, how sweet). Claire and i were so tired though so we went out for dinner, i showed her where i worked and then we came back to mines to sit and chat and have a girly night together, but me being rude fell asleep. The next day saj was leaving to go on her contiki tour so we got up and we went to her hostel and she made us breaky! We waved her off and then went to a festival at Grey Lynn. It was good! Music, stalls, food!! We came across a little lost girl though, she was howling, we took her to an ambulance where she ddnt want to stay. we stayed with her and asked her what her mummy looked like etc and she pointed to me and said "she has hair just like yours" it was soo sweet! Her mum ran up, and we headed off doing a good deed for the day!

I sigh as i write this next part.....the next day i was back to work. only 2 weeks i kept saying and then im in brisbane. Claire had a few earns to do so she was happy getting on with them! Claire came to meet me at work and then we went to the asian food court (where we took saj) and had dinner. I got home and she had cleaned my bathroom. I had knocked over my make up a few days before and there was blucher all over the floor. There was a little gift bag on the sink and a card addressed to me! She had bought me a new little make up set and some hair bands to put my bunchies in! What a star she is!! Bless her!

The next day we got up early and i walked her to her bus. We said our goodbyes which i was very sad about and then went to do some xmas shopping!!

Ive had a blast seeing grant, saj and claire. its been great having something more to do than just go to work!!

Andrew is here on sat so i will see him too which i am looking forward to!

Keep in touch guys and i will update you soon! Brisbane in two weeks....yaaay!!

love and kisses

Tina x x x

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me and grant
me and grant
claire with my souvenier from figi!
claire with my souvenier from figi!
me and claire in deveonport
me and claire in deveonport
the view from devonport to Aucklan…
the view from devonport to Auckla…
me in paihia beah!
me in paihia beah!
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