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We are leaving tomorrow! This is going ot be a long day.
We are slow at work... as usual. I do have a bunch of stuff do do at lunch though. I have to drop off some things at a friend's work, then I think I'll probably go to the tanning bed after that. Okay... that's not a bunch of stuff, but it'll take up my whole lunch (and I still gotta eat!). Then I get to sit here for another 4 hours. woohoo

 I am totally over-packing foro this trip! And yet I can see myself wearing the same thing everyday... maybe a different swimming suit. Flip flops, shorts, tanktop. Done. The rest of the stuff can stay neatly packed in my suitcase for those "what if" situations.

I'll tell you what, there is nothing like an upcoming vacation to help you forget your worries (or pesky family members).
I almost got very upset for a moment after a specific situation happened (which I won't go into)... then I thought, "in 2 days I will be soaking in the Caribbean sun sipping on a frosty bear, reading worthless magazines." Let me tell you, that thought had healing powers.

I was reading this book last night, "Three Weeks With My Brother" By Nicholas Sparks (which I bought for the trip, btw), and it mentioned something that the anticipation of a trip is half the fun. My anticipation levels can't get much higher.  I'm leaving for lunch now, see ya!

12:34pm (back from lunch)
So I told the lady at the tanning place that since this would be my last trip to the tanning bed before the cruise I needed a good one, one that would really stick.
  WOW. I didn't know what I was in for! That thing was H O T. When I got out I was sweating everywhere! I will be so upset if my face peels or blisters on the trip. She said, "don't be mad at me if you're a little pink." A LITTLE pink?? I hope that's all I am. I keep looking in my compact mirror to make sure my face hasn't been burned off. My cheeks are certianly rosy. But so far, I'm OKAY.    Wait a minute.. I just went to the bathroom where there is a much bigger mirror and tons more light. And it actually looks like I'm getting really tan! Maybe my face won't fall off after all!

I can't be satisfied. Now that I'm back from lunch a ton of word has piled up. I don't want to do it! You know what I hate the most? Returning phone calls. Just EMAIL me please!

Oh Oh. We got our "e-doc" yesterday. It has all this information about the cruise, most of which we already know about, but still. It kinda makes it all a little more real. Like, it's finalized.. no turning back.
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photo by: vulindlela