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Today was very busy.  I got up around 7 to have breakfast before the excursion, which started at 9 but we had to be there in the lounge by 8:30.  I think they do that on purpose so people who are always late show up with time to be on time.  We got going around 9 and caught a bus after walking through the biggest cruise terminal I have seen.  We went through town and took pictures of a lot of beautiful buildings and then we went up a big hill and walked through an old fort that is now a museum.  When this city first started they were very vulnerable to attacks so they had this fort where you could see all the way down to the ocean and out for miles so they could see if anybody was coming.  The views from the top were amazing.  After that, we went into town and toured an old church which they have been restoring for about 100 years.  There were gold decorations everywhere, and many pictures of Christ and Mary.  Most of Spain is Catholic, just like in Italy, so that is where a lot of the religious stuff comes from.   

                After we saw the church, we had about an hour of free time to walk around and get some shopping done.  A lot of the streets looked the same and I couldn’t see any street signs, so I was a little nervous about walking too far from where I knew the bus would be.  I did find some more postcards, and then I stumbled across a guy playing the violin on the street so I sat on a bench across the street and listened to him for about 15 minutes.  I was just sitting there minding my own business, when an American guy came and started yelling at me about Obama and how he is going to ruin this country.  I told him that I was on vacation and I didn’t appreciate being lectured and yelled at, then he said that he couldn’t believe the stupidity of Americans and I told him to leave me alone. After that I wasn’t in the mood to sit there anymore, and so I walked back to the bus area.  I walked past Cheers, and a lady took a picture of me standing under the sign, it says “Cheers, Malaga” on the sign.  I had about 20 minutes to kill, so I  went into Cheers and sat with some people I had meton the excursion, and had a glass of Sangria.  It was very strong, and I wasa little tipsy getting back on the bus.   So then we caught the bus back to the ship, and we were back on the ship around 1 pm.  I got some lunch and took a nap in the afternoon.   Dinner was really good and right at the end of dinner we went through the Strait of Magellan.  Our dinner table is at the back of the ship so we could go to the back windows and see the lights of Spain on one side and the lights of Africa on the other side.  After dinner, they were showing The Bucket List up on the Lido Deck, so I ran to my room and got my sweatshirt and went up to watch that movie. After the movie, we set our clocks back an hour and so then I wandered around the ship for a little while and got to bed around midnight again. 
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photo by: missmzungu