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We arrived in the port around 7 am and had breakfast up on the Lido deck.  I caught the bus into town around 9 am and first we went up past the Olympic Stadium and saw the ring and all the buildings where they had held the Olympics in 1992.  On the way up to the Olympic Stadium we drove by the Christopher Columbus statue and a giant sculpture called “The Waves”.  I got a quick picture of the statue, but we didn’t stop there either.  We didn’t stop at the Stadium either and I couldn’t get any good pictures of then because I was on the wrong side of the bus.  I did get some good pictures of the city from up there though.   After we went up a big hill and saw the views of the city, we went back down and stopped at the Sagrada Familia Church.  You should look this up online, it has been under construction for about 150 years and it’s still not completed, because they are only allowed to use donated money to do the construction on it.  This church was started by Gaudi but he died before they completed it, but he handed the plans down to the people that are working on it now.  We weren’t able to go inside because they were having a service and we were “forbidden”.  We also walked around this area and saw some other churches, and we also ran into some gypsies.  That was a little bit scary, because they just joined our group like they were part of our group.  The tour guide told us all on the bus to be careful with our bags because the gypsies would pick the pockets if we didn’t pay attention, and when the gypsies came to the group she announced again that we all need to be careful because there were gypsies behind us.  At that point, almost the entire group turned around to look, but the gypsies didn’t seem to be bothered by that. 

                After the gypsy encounter, some of the older ladies were complaining that we had to go to the bathroom, so we stopped at a little shop where there was a bathroom and I bought some more postcards.  That’s about all I have bought so far.  Then we got back on the bus and went over to Catalunya Square.   We had about an hour there for lunch or whatever we wanted to do.  I walked into the Hard Rock Café, hoping to get a T-shirt, but the cheapest one was about 25 Euro, so I skipped on that and walked over to Las Ramblas, and walked up and down that little shopping area.  There was a walking area down the middle where they were selling all sorts of tourist stuff, with established business all around the outside of the shopping area, but you had to cross a busy road to get to any of those shops.  So I stuck to the middle, where they also had street entertainers.  I took pictures of all of them, some were funny, some were scary, and some were just doing statue like things.  There was one guy all dressed in green with green paint anywhere he didn’t have clothes, and when I took his picture he flipped me the bird, which I didn’t notice until after I had looked up from the camera.  So I watched him for a couple of minutes, and he was doing that to everybody that took his picture.  I didn’t give him any money.  They were also selling odd birds like chickens and roosters on that street, it wasn’t clear if they were meant to be pets or dinner, and the tour guide had said it’s best to not talk to people because they might try to pick your pockets while you are talking to them, so I didn’t ask.  After I had seen all I wanted to see there, I went across to the adjacent road and walked down there for a little ways, and then I heard a band playing on the street so listened to them for about 15 minutes.  I then went over to Catalunya Square and took pictures there before the bus was scheduled to arrive. 

The bus coming back to get us was late because the driver got stuck behind an accident, and when we got back on the bus I asked the tour guide if we were going to stop again at the Christopher Columbus statue so we could take more pictures, and she said that wasn’t a regularly scheduled stop but if I wanted to get off there she would show me which bus to catch to get back to the ship, so I did that on my own.  I walked over and took some pictures of the statue, and walked through some of the other buildings in that area.  I didn’t go very far because I was a little nervous about going too far from the bus stop.  I spent about an hour down there walking around and then I caught the bus back to the ship.  It was around 3 pm when I got back to the bus. 

I took a little nap, and had another pleasant dinner with my new friend Patrick.  He is a retired school teacher, and we have very nice conversations.  They were showing a movie on the Panorama deck after dinner, so we went for a walk after dinner and then watched the movie Déjà vu, with Denzel Washington.  It was pretty good, very exciting.  I had told my waiter I would come up to where he is doing breakfast, so I got to bed around 1 am, and got up at 7 am the next morning for breakfast.

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photo by: fivepointpalm