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see the lack of crowds?
I love it.  I choose Sydney to live in.  The city with no bushfires or flooding and we're the ones who get the awesome concert.  And people still ask me why I chose Sydney!

Well, I gather that the Melbourne line-up was better but understandably so since a bunch of the acts originate from Melbourne and that city actually got hit with bushfires.  I feel incredibly lucky that where I live in comfortable North Sydney, I was never in any danger.  Thankfully, I didn't know anyone who was personally effected by the bushfires, but that doesn't mean that those of us not effected didn't feel the enormity of this tragedy that this country faced.
...and it was all yellow!

Which brings me back to my excellent fortune of being asked to help out by attending a stellar benefit concert.  Only $75 got me a 12 hour concert at the SCG (cricket stadium) with highlights including Coldplay, The Presets, Jet, Wolfmother, Architecture In Helsinki and many others.  Not only that, but due to some persistence and a stroke of luck, my friends and I managed to nab red floor tickets, meaning the section closest to the stage.  And since the concert wasn't sold out (reds seemed to be available online only some of the time - weird internet thing) there was plenty of floor space to NOT push and shove.

This caused quite a bit of justifiable commotion.  All tickets cost the same, so understandably, many people who got tickets for the back of the floor were upset that they couldn't move forward despite all the space.
Chris Martin getting stuck in the crowd
  There was so much space up front that many of us just sat on the ground to watch the concert!  This set up meant that the day was often punctured with the thumping of running footfalls followed by a concert-goer whizzing past trying to get lost in the crowds to hide from security chasing him or her down.  Sometimes, when these people got caught you'd hear a collective "oooh!" from the crowd as we all grimaced at the tackle and removal of the poor fan.

Coldplay opened the concert in excellent form unleashing giant yellow balloons full of yellow confetti while playing "Yellow".  They were really wonderful to see live.  The highlight came at the end when Chris Martin jumped off stage and ran across the floor.  With all that empty space he had free reign, and it was such a sight to see the crowds following him and his outstrechted arms.  Even from where I was I could easily see the giant grin on his face - just like a kid unleashed into a private playground.

But the best act for me would definitely be The Presets, and only due to their excellent timing.  After the sun went down, right before they got on stage, it poured on us.  We're talking BUCKETS of rainfall - during a BUSHFIRE RELIEF CONCERT!  The irony was not lost on anyone.  Then The Present entered the stage and played a fantastic, energy pumping set that had the crowd dancing hard.  Everyone was drenched and loving it.  The scene got crazier when the night sky periodically lit up with crashing lightening.  Between the strobe lights, The Presets' beats, the lightening and heavy rainfall, it looked like something out of a music video.  I could almost see the crowd jumping in slow motion.

Unfortunately, when the Presets were finished, so was the crowd.  As soon as their set was done, the entire crowd picked up and left - 2 sets early!  We were freezing and the rain wasn't letting up so we gave up and called it an early night.  Oh well, I didn't really care to see Olivia Newton-John anyways. 
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see the lack of crowds?
see the lack of crowds?
...and it was all yellow!
...and it was all yellow!
Chris Martin getting stuck in the …
Chris Martin getting stuck in the…
photo by: Sunflower300