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Why did we go to Bondi Beach?

Several people we've chatted with have rolled their eyes at the mention of Bondi Beach.  Bondi is for the tourists and just isn't as good as Manly Beach, or so I hear.  I supposed that's fair.  By the time a beautiful beach becomes world reknown, it tends to have already peaked; it becomes overcrowded and touristy and overdone.  Just visit Waikkiki or Maya Beach in Thailand.

But it only makes sense to visit the famous beach if only to compare it to the others.  We also thought we'd get a kick out of trying our first Oporto Bondi burger at the very place it originated from.  How touristy can you get?  Can I just say that Oporto's was a juicy and delicious picnic-in-a-paper-bag companion to the busy, but not overcrowded, beach.  Not overcrowded.  I was surprised by this.  Perhaps the fact that we made the trip out to Bondi on a Tuesday afternoon helped matters.

To be honest, Bondi beach was nicer than I thought it would be.  Yes it was busy, but that just made it great for people watching.  There were tons of surfers out riding the waves making for excellent entertainment.  Coming straight from Canada, I'm not used to the heat and therefore only had the will to sit on my sarong trying not to sweat - so fun visuals were greatly appreciated.  Of course, cooling off was a no-brainer.  The water was much colder than I thought it would be, being oceanic waters and all.  One quick dip and I became fresher than...... well, about as fresh as jumping into ocean water on a hot summer's day can be.

Can I just say how marvelous my life is now that I'm living in a city with a beach and that for me, this year's autumn was followed by yet another summer? 

Beach Day, 1: Driving through snow in rush hour traffic, 0
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Bondi Beach
photo by: cimtech