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Got the keys to our new flat!  Got the keys to our new flat!  This is me doing a little dance.......!

WOOO!!!  We have a new home!  AND it's a not just a new flat - it's a loft.  So lovely!  Big windows, high ceilings, skylight..... and all in a convenient location by plenty of shops, restaurants and bars and public transport.  All within our budget.  My life is super.

Talk about stressballs for the past few days.  When we saw the loft at the viewing, we knew instantly that we wanted it.  But so did just about everyone else who came to the viewing!  It would be an understatement to say that Sydney is a seller's market.  There just aren't enough flats in the city to house all the people looking for a place to live.  There are tons of travelers on working holiday visas, students, new expats and immigrants all looking for a place to live at any given time.  Not to mention the actual locals.

We hung back from the group to insure that we were the last people to chat with the real estate agent.  We wanted to make a good, lasting impression on her to set us apart from the rest of the applicants.  It would be her job to recommend a new tenant to the owner and we wanted to be her reco.  We figured our profiles would be just as good as anyone's on paper, but we thought that if we came off as really nice, respectable, memorable people, we might get the thumbs up for good character.

Well, whatever impression we left, it had to have been good.  We got the call the next afternoon that the place was ours if we wanted it.  We spent only one day looking at flats and less than 24 hours later we had an offer! 

Mind you, that was one solid day going from viewing to viewing.  There was one stressful hour when we could have taken a flat right by the station with views of the harbour.  That real estate agent operated on a first come first serve basis and the flat was in an amazing location.  But I just couldn't bare the thought of living in a flat with a bathroom as old and rusty as that one was!  So we nervously decided to hold off a day before signing a contract.

We thought, what if we don't get the loft and this second choice goes off the market?  Then what?  The other places we looked at just wouldn't do.

LOL.  You have to understand that with Rod's new job starting, we had zero time to waste in signing a lease, paying the bond, and moving out of the backpacker.  It just wouldn't work having Rod showing up for work on his first day with rumpled, dirty clothes and frazzled from waking up to a backpacker full of loud transients.  And how was I going to be able to pick a new place, do all the paperwork and moving arrangements, all without his help?

We needed a home asap.  And I'm so happy we ended up with the one we got.
Connie says:
I think I'm going to hold off on taking photos of the new flat until I get some more furniture!
Posted on: Mar 07, 2009
Boston_Babe says:
I know how exciting it is to get a place...can't wait to see pics! :)
Posted on: Mar 03, 2009
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