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Yesterday was what I like to refer to as "The Emergency Bail".  The leaseholder of my flat had become more and more...... how do I put this.... CRAZY over the past few weeks and two nights ago he nearly exploded at us.  Mainly he had more complaints about cleaning and money but considering we paid him rent on time every week and that we were so tidy that we were at the point of washing the kitchen floor after every meal we cooked, we knew we were beyond reasoning. I mean, he actually accused us of not contributing enough toilet paper to the household!

So yesterday morning we got up, called in some movers, and bailed the hell out of that place as soon as we could. 

Unsurprisingly, Crazy wasn't happy about that. He started demanding lots of money. First he demands three weeks rent as our notice when by law you only need to provide one weeks. Then he starts demanding we pay for utilities and internet to that date but refuses to show us the bills. He actually got offended when we told him we weren't going to take his word when it came to how much the utilities cost. In the end we paid him what we thought was fair regarding settling any unpaid bills and one week's rent. But then of course he refused to return our bond. Surprise surprise.

Planning on taking some action on getting our bond back, but in the mean time it was more important to just get the hell out of there. So now we've got our stuff in storage and we're living in a backpacker. We figured that since we've already planned a trip to New Zealand there's no point in finding a new place until we return. But our friend Chris is stopping by for a visit tomorrow. It's his first time to Sydney. Hope he doesn't mind the sudden change in accommodations...

In any case, I'm living out of a backpack again. And it's time for a holiday! Stay tuned for entries on my 2 week road trip around New Zealand.
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photo by: Sunflower300