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Auckland skyline
Extra long as in 5 full days and 6 nights in Auckland.  Well, more like the north shore of the Auckland area.  We stayed at Rod's parents' house which was further up the north coast and not right in the city.  So it was an extra long weekend in the Auckland area. 

The weekend so far has been pretty packed in, but in a good relaxed sort of way.  We arrived in wee hours of Friday morning (just after midnight) so we took it easy Friday day.  The whole lot of us went for a drive north to check out the brand new tunnel on the motorway and to have a take away pizza lunch by the river in Warkworth.
Standing over the extinct volcano crater on Mount Eden with views of Auckland.
  Why stop in Warkworth?  For its fantastic pizza courtesy of The Pizza Co.  It's world famous is New Zealand.

Friday night was spent playing poker with the boys.  I hoped they'd go easy on me being that it was only my third or forth game of poker ever.  But maybe they went a bit too easy cuz I managed to kick ass.  I placed second out of the 7 people playing, second only to Rod.  So he managed to walk away with his plane ticket paid for and I got my buy-in back.  Win-win for us!  Like I was really going to win the whole pot!  Still, I'm pretty proud of myself :)  Of course, this means that the next time I play Texas Hold-em, I'll be over confident and lose wads of money uber fast.

Saturday was a showcase of top comedians at the Classic Comedy Club which was the opening night for the Auckland comedy festival.
Random photo of a prey mantis laying eggs. I found it by the garage at the house.
  Lots of good laughs.  The kiwi jokes were beyond me but my favourite act of the showcase was the Scotish comedian, Janey Godley, performing a slice of her current show "Domestic Godley".  As the title implies, her jokes were based around domestic life as a middle aged Scotish wife.  Maybe it's cuz I'm a chick and she obviously appeals to women, but I thought she was hilarious.  I'd love to see her full show someday.  

The show was followed by my first night out in big city Auckland.  Er, big small city Auckland...... small big city Auckland?  I keep teasing Rod that New Zealand is a small town country.  This joke was the result of one particular incident on our last trip to NZ a couple months back.  We were walking down the street in Kaikoura when a car pulled over and out came an old friend of Rod's.  She said that she recognized me from a photo on Facebook and stopped the car to say hello.  I'd never met this woman before and yet there she was recognizing my face on a random street in Kaikoura!  She doesn't even live in Kaikoua!

Well, the whole "small town country" joke was only supported by the many people Rod's friends (who we were out with Saturday night) kept running into while walking around the city.  Everyone seemed to know everyone.  But recognizing faces while bar hopping wasn't even the start of it! 

I had gone to the hairdresser Friday afternoon to make an appointment for Saturday morning.  While at the shopping area (in Orewa) Rod ran into an old friend.  Neither of them even live in Orewa, both were just stopping to run some errands.  Then, while at a friend's cafe opening in Waitoki Saturday evening, I ran into my hairdresser!  I swear, the whole country is a small town!

And the kicker:  On Sunday I met two of Rod's friends who took us bushwalking in Waitoki (see next entry).  They were the first and only of Rod's friends whom I've met who actually live in the city.  On Tuesday night we stayed at a backpacker in the city so we could make our early morning flight back to Sydney the next day.  After going out for a yummy sushi dinner, we ran into the same two bushwalking friends while walking back to the hostel!  There you have it!  Small town country!

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Auckland skyline
Auckland skyline
Standing over the extinct volcano …
Standing over the extinct volcano…
Random photo of a prey mantis layi…
Random photo of a prey mantis lay…
photo by: Fulla