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Bed bug nest found under the bed skirt on the box spring
Have you ever had bed bugs?  I have - twice in the past year.  Needless to say, it sucks.

The first time I was subletting a place in Toronto.  Apparently, there's an epidemic in T.O.  Apparently there's an epidemic in Australia too.  Lucky me.

At least this time around it seems to be a new infestation and nothing major.  There was evidence of only one nest in the box spring and it was small.  Listen to me, I sound like an expert now.  There are other things I'd prefer to be an expert in, but life tossed this my way so here I am.

It started several weeks ago when I would wake up with a couple of bite marks on my arms.  I thought it was some flying insect that got caught in the bedroom.  Really, I should have recognized this as bed bug denial.
Bed bugs
  I even went so far as to make a quick inspection of the mattress, but it was too quick and not thorough enough to see the little buggers hiding in the seams.

However, last night I had trouble sleeping.  My arm was itching like crazy and it was keeping me awake.  I got out of bed and put some anit-itch stuff on the bites and crawled back into bed.  That's when it happened.  I felt a tiny, faint, but positive crawling down my arm.  I plucked it into my fingers and turned on a light.  I had caught me a fully grown adult bed bug.  When I squished it it oozed out my own red blood.


There are three ways we could have gotten them:
1) We picked them up while staying at one of the many backpackers we've visited in the past 6 months around Oz and NZ
2) They migrated from another apartment unit
3)  They were already living in the carpet/walls before we moved in

Most likely the first situ since Oz backpackers are known to have problems with the buggers.
My hand next to 2 adult bed bugs. The one on the top is female and the one of the bottom is male.
  But I don't completely discount option three since the tenants before us were filthy and I can see how they may have not bothered to treat a bed bug problem since they didn't bother to treat the roach problem (btw, no roaches since we had an exterminator come in).

I decided to write this blog to help my fellow travelers avoid picking up bed bugs.  Here are some tips I've learned about on the internet:

- When staying at backpackers, avoid putting your backpack/luggage on the bed.  Bed bugs and their eggs can travel in your bags.
- Ditto with your clothing
- Inspect the sheets of a bed before sleeping at a backpacker.  If you see little brown dots, these are the remanences of bed bug deaths do to accidental squishing by the host (aka: human snack)

Signs you may have bed bugs:

- You catch a bed bug crawling up your arm.
My hand next to a small nest of bed bugs. The black dots are a tell-tale sign of a colony.
  They're nocturnal creatures though, and this likely won't happen until  just before dawn.  Plus, you can't feel them biting you cuz they inject a mild anesthetic into your skin when they bite.
- Bite marks on your arms, hands, and anywhere else your skin is exposed while you sleep.
- Little brown blood marks on your sheets and pillows from accidentally squishing the buggers while you sleep.
- If you can smell a sickly/sweet scent coming from your bed, then you have a SERIOUS problem.

What to do if you have bed bugs:

- Wash all your sheets and clothes in hot water.  All of them. 45C kills bugs AND eggs.
- THOROUGHLY inspect your mattress.  Bed bugs are very flat and like to hide under the seams.
- Vacuum GALORE.  Vacuum your entire mattress, box spring, bed frame, floors, and in cracks along the walls.  Bed bugs prefer to live near their host in fabric, carpet and/or wood.
- Toss your vacuum bag in the garbage outside.  Don't open your vacuum inside the house.  Clean it right away.
- Try steam cleaning your mattress.  45C kills bugs and eggs.
- Buy waterproof mattress coverings to completely cover your mattress 100%.  If there are any bugs still inside your mattress they will get stuck inside and can't feed on you.  Leave the cover on for at least a year cuz that's how long they can survive without a feed.
- All of the above is hard work and will be for nothing should you miss one egg, so if you have the funds, CALL AN EXTERMINATOR.

Happy travels my friends
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Bed bug nest found under the bed s…
Bed bug nest found under the bed …
Bed bugs
Bed bugs
My hand next to 2 adult bed bugs. …
My hand next to 2 adult bed bugs.…
My hand next to a small nest of be…
My hand next to a small nest of b…
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