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So I made it.  It was fairly easy.  Sort of.  If you can call 30 hours in the air easy then yeah...sure.

I've been here for a few days now and hopefully the jet lag has finally worn off.  It wasn't bad, but I was sure tired all the time.  Still, that didn't stop Rod from taking me around town showing me the typical sites such as the Sydney Opera House, the botanical gardens, the QVB, and basically just the downtown core.  I'm only somewhat embarrassed to admit that when I first saw the Sydney Opera House close up I said, "Wow.  I know this sounds stupid, but in person the Opera House looks so much more......3-dimensional."  Yep.  True story. 

First impressions:

Well, the most obvious difference between Toronto and Sydney is the weather.  I've timed my arrival in Sydney so that I would leave Toronto at the beginning of Canadian winter and introduce myself to Australia at the beginning of its summer.  Right now it's about 28C and sunny.  Today Rod and went to the park next to our place for a lunch time picnic.  It really doesn't get better than that.

Other impressions of Sydney - well, the nicest thing I've noticed right away is how wonderfully green it is here.  There are so many large parks right in the heart of the city as well as the surrounding areas.  Also, the place just seems to lend itself to walking much more than Toronto.  But maybe that's just my point of view.  Now that I don't have a car I'm now forced to used public transport all the time versus my old set-up in Toronto where I always had the choice.  But hey, this just means I'm less likely to sit around on my ass as much as before!

In any case, it pretty much goes without saying that the public transport in Sydney is much, much better than the system in Toronto.  It's much more thorough and far reaching.  But then again, just about any public transport system that exists in any major city is far, far superior to Toronto's TTC.

Ditto when you compare the two waterfronts.  It's so amazing to live in a city that properly utilizes it's waterfront possibilities!  

Other little differences:

Seating at the movies is assigned versus first come first serve.

Burger King is called Hungry Jack's in Australia. 

People drive on the left side here.  Still need to get used to that one.

The coins here don't make any sense.  The two dollar coin is smaller than the one dollar coin and the 20 cent coin is humungus.

Tax is included on all quoted prices.  I love this.

Tipping is not customary.  Yet another way to save money :)

Everyone seems to be friends with everyone else.  Everyone is a 'buddy' or 'friend' or 'mate' and everyone is so talkative to random strangers.  I like this too.

Also, no one seems to be from Sydney.  Most people are from some other part of Australia or are flat out expats.

And I've been corrected several times:  It's not Australia.  It's 'stra'ia.  wtf.
dfoo says:
You'll soon find out that the transport system in Sydney is quite bad. But it seems like you having a good time in Straylia ;)
Posted on: Nov 30, 2008
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