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Landed in KL mid-afternoon. Was going to catch the express train to Sentral but finally decided to go by bus instead. It was the difference between not going to an ATM or going to a ATM to get more funds. The difference between the two modes of transport was 50RM return. A significant savings I thought. Plus I wasn't exactly in a hurry.

Whilst waiting for the bus to head into the city I was pleased to see that near the bus terminal I could get some signal for wifi internet access. So I sat there catching up on all the emails I had received since I left. In particular I was interested if I had received a response from other TB people in KL regarding a meetup for the few hours I would be here. Unfortunately no such luck. So I boarded the bus bound for Sentral.

After spending close to an hour on the bus I was in Sentral. I was a bit apprehensive about getting off the bus. Not only due to the fact that ticket collector had no idea what I was on about when I told him I wanted him to tell me when we were in Sentral so I know when to get off, but also because Sentral doesn't look like the central district of the capital of any country. It was all very underwhelming. I don't know what I was expecting maybe some really high buildings, maybe more people out and about. It just didn't feel right. Plus there were some people staying on the bus. I spotted what looked like the monorail line. So I got off hoping that the station was close and worst case scenario I would still be able to go somewhere even if I wasn't at Sentral. Good thing I was in the right place.

The original plan was to go to the Batu Caves straight away. However a quick search through my stuff and I failed to see the piece of paper I thought I jotted the location was. I sort of knew it was at the end of one of the northern lines and then a short taxi ride away. But was not sure. Without any definite idea of how to get there and no guidebook I did the next best thing. I caught the monorail to Bukit Bintang. I was there a few days ago. I know you can go to the Petronas Tower from there. I would look to the skys and follow my eyes to the Petronas Tower.

It was quite a pleasant walk from Bukit Bintang to the tower. After a few happy snaps in and around the tower I noticed that there was a Kinokuniya on the top floor of the shopping complex. So I made my way there to check out a few guidebooks on Malaysia. To make sure I knew how to get to the Batu Caves. With the information in hand I went outside to look for the metro station.

I was confronted with the greyest skies and some wet stuff coming down. What happened to the sunny blue skies I saw just 30 mins ago? How long was this going to last? Was I able to see the caves still? As my tummy was starting to rumble I decided to head back into the shopping complex and go to the food court and ride out the rain. Surely it can't last that long.

After having a quick snack of Nasi Lemak I headed outside. It had stopped raining. There was only a little drizzle blanketing the scene. However when I looked at my mobile to see the time it was already 4:30pm. I had no idea how long it takes to get to the caves from KLCC. I had no idea when the caves close. I would imagine it would be soon. So I decided to just chill in the shopping centre.

With the caves out of the picture. I was hoping that by now I had gotten a response from someone from TB. So I had to go online to check. I failed to notice any internet cafes inside the complex, so I did the next best thing. Tried to look for unsecured wifi networks. I literally walked maybe 1 hour looking for a wifi network and when I did find one, most of the time I couldn't manage to make it work. It was starting to get frustrating. Even the best known providers of free wifi, Starbucks, were not working for me. Maybe because I didn't have a laptop and was relying on my mobile for all my internet access and it had a crap wifi card thing. I still don't know why it didn't work.

With nothing to do and no one to meet. I resigned myself to heading back to the airport. Before I did I grabbed a Big Mac meal from McDonalds, just to make sure I was fine for the flight at 11pm. Whilst at McDonalds I noticed that they had wifi access. At last I was connected. Free at last. Free at last. I know how sad that is. Without good internet access for a past few days I was definitely in withdrawal. I need it. Checking TB I noticed that noone tried to contact me. To be honest I was glad. I would have felt guilty if Sue or Erna or someone else wanted to meetup and was waiting for me but I didn't show.

I decided to go back to the airport by bus as time was on my side. As soon as I plonked my butt down on the seat and used the reclining function, my eyes fell shut. Finally the lost hours of last nights sleep had caught up to me. I was smashed. I slept all the way to the airport and then some when I went to my boarding gate. Lucky this was a connecting flight, so I didn't have to worry about checking in and getting boarding passes and all that. I don't think I had the mental capacity at that point. With a row of seats found, I hit the snooze button and hit slumberland. Even once pass the gate and into the final waiting area before boarding the plane I had my hands on my eyes and head and my elbows on my knees. In between microsleeps I heard announcements of delays to the flight and missing passengers, and kids chasing each other fuelled by god knows how much sugar they had previously.

In the end. I had a 9 hour stopover in KL and all I saw was the Petronas Towers. They should make a T-Shirt out of that. I would buy it.
dfoo says:
Thats cool. It was nice to have a day where I didn't have to do anything or see anything. The tower was nice. Definitely got to see the caves the next time I'm in KL. That and the rest of KL I missed. Uhhh I did it on purpose so I would have to come back ;)
Posted on: Nov 28, 2008
ErnaButterfly says:
Sorry again for not getting back to you sooner, at least you wouldnt have to worry abt the wifi so much. Hope the Towers and Nasi Lemak were somewhat a consolation, come back again for the caves :)
Posted on: Nov 28, 2008
Sweetski says:
Hahaha, some people only go to KL to see those towers, so I guess your visit wasn't that bad :)

I always love travelling without a destination or a purpose. It means I am free to do whatever, whenever I want. The only risk involved is ending up doing nothing. But in this crazy rush rush world, doing nothing is great too sometimes :)

BTW, I take it you are a member of TB-anonymous? :D
Posted on: Nov 27, 2008
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