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Hot and sweaty are not adjectives I use often to describe myself but are as fitting as any on this morning. With the gentle fan not quite blowing away all my perspiration, a warm equally sweaty body pressed up against mine, and a mosquito net staring at me elegantly six feet above; I am entranced. This net is my bubble from the outside world, and I'm quite happy to be the boy in this bubble.

Our lungs expand and contract in unison. Lips pressed together for an eternity. Hot nasal air blowing into my face. Whilst hands may wander, the mind is still. In a vegetative/meditative state.

A distant siren begins its call. The words 'Now I've had the time of my life" fill my ears (yes that is the song that I have set as my alarm when I wake up each and every day). There could not have been a more apt song for this moment in time.

Alas as all things that burn too bright, the decent was quick. Several gulps of water. Ice water melting all the sweat away. Soft kisses. Words whispered. Door shut.

I boarded the pre-arranged tuk tuk on route to Sydney. Looking around the streets of Phnom Penh with a feeling of lament. I realise (as always) this place, this moment in time has consumed me. Cambodia. Endearing Cambodia. How you have won me over. How you have reawaken me. How you have saved me. Like any good mistress I feel dirty and complete, yet must return to my life. 
flammick says:
great blog mate. i do well just getting the photos posted, and you've managed to give us an epic adventure. looking forward to more of it.
Posted on: Dec 04, 2008
dfoo says:
I'm glad I'm not the only one infatuated with Cambodia. Well until some other country sweeps me off my feet. ;)
Posted on: Nov 28, 2008
darlingwish says:
i loooove and miss cambodia.. ur blog made me love it even more :)
Posted on: Nov 28, 2008
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Phnom Penh
photo by: terminalfunk