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Well as all things in life nothing ever goes according to plan and there are always hidden surprises. It is these hidden surprises that make life interesting. My spanner in the works came along in the form of a girl. After the first date I already knew I liked her. On the second I knew she was special. So when she mentioned she was going to Cambodia next week for a holiday and would be by herself for a few days, and asked me if I wanted to come. It might have been in jest, and simply flirting 101, but in that instant I said yes I would love to. Without thinking if I could get the time off work, afford the airfare, or even knew her well enough to spend 4 days straight without wanting to kill her. I said yes. I was so enveloped in the moment, I bypassed what my head was saying. That was how irrational all this is. But love doesn't ever make sense anyway.

Only later that night did I realise what I had done. I told a girl I would accompany her halfway round the world just on a gut feeling. That she was worth going for. And that I would leave in a week. How was I going to explain it to people. How was I going to get the time off work. None of that seemed to matter in that moment. Now it all came crashing down on me. Rather than get too consumed in it, I had to step back and think. Could I live with myself wondering what if for the rest of my life? Should I be impulsive and follow my gut and forget my head. In the end I went with the old age saying that "Its better to have love and lost, than to have never loved before".

The very next day we met up and booked my ticket. We talked about what a fantastic time we would have. We talked about what we would do. We just talked. Everything said and done that day confirmed that I had made the right decision. That the head thinks too much. He is an idiot and isn't a man of action. He is a loser. The heart and gut knows and does stuff that the head doesn't. So I would rely on my heart and forget my head in this instance and live with the consequences.

When the work week started the next day, I told work. Expecting the worst I was pleasantly surprised. Since it was such a short amount of time they should be able to cover for me. With this off my mind I could go and plan this trip. What would have happened if they said no? Would I have insisted even if it meant my job? Would I have collapsed like a tower of cards, gave in to works demands and be one expensive ticket out of pocket. This I can not answer. I'd liked to have hoped I would have chosen option 1 and be the reckless fool I am sometimes know for. Sensibility is overrated.

To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to going to Cambodia as much as I was looking forward to spending more time with her. It wouldn't have mattered if we were going to Hell instead. We have no guidebook, no itinerary. Just each other. Which suits me just fine.
dfoo says:
Hope is good. I'm glad I helped :) Yes I'm so glad I went as well. For all the lows there were incredible highs as well.
Posted on: Apr 07, 2009
pebbles2k2 says:
Hi, I could not stop smiling while I was reading this blog. You give me hope! It leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy. To me, even if things do not end well or go as planned the fact that this girl was the cause of you doing something out of the ordinary & being adventurous is just marvelous. Call me a dreamer but it does happens :-)
Posted on: Apr 07, 2009
dfoo says:
Yeah I haven't really talked about Cambodia much in this blog huh? Well I had mental diarrhoea and just put everything that was in my head down into this blog. There will be more on Cambodia when I get the time to update this.
Posted on: Dec 17, 2008
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