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Living in the United States for the last decade, I've had the opportunity to visit a lot of places. Sometimes for a long time, sometimes for just a wknd. And the questions I always get asked by many people is why I don't create enough US blogs. I'm now at a point where I'm too bored to blog each US trip individually, not to mention that I've forgotten deails, so I instead present a collection of memories I've had over the last decade ... all fascinating to say the least!

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August 31st, 2003Yosemite National Park, California
July 2nd, 2005Chicago, Illinois
July 3rd, 2005Chicago, Illinois
July 4th, 2005Chicago, Illinois
September 16th, 2007San Francisco, California
September 17th, 2007San Francisco, California
September 18th, 2007San Francisco, California
September 19th, 2007San Francisco, California
October 3rd, 2007Boston, Massachusetts
October 6th, 2007Boston, Massachusetts
January 13th, 2008Seattle, Washington
July 2nd, 2009San Jose, California
July 3rd, 2009Sonoma, California
July 5th, 2009San Francisco, California
January 23rd, 2010Seattle, Washington
January 24th, 2010Seattle, Washington
April 3rd, 2011Snoqualmie, Washington
April 30th, 2011Mount Vernon, Washington
July 16th, 2011Leavenworth, Washington
July 17th, 2011Sequim, Washington
July 17th, 2011Vashon, Washington
October 23rd, 2011Irving, Texas
April 24th, 2012Mount Vernon, Washington
May 5th, 2012North Bend, Washington
July 21st, 2012Sequim, Washington
August 18th, 2012Crater Lake National Park, United States
August 25th, 2012Paradise, Washington
April 27th, 2013Mount Vernon, Washington
May 5th, 2013Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, United States
July 20th, 2013Sequim, Washington
July 21st, 2013Seattle, Washington
July 27th, 2013Cannon Beach, Oregon
July 28th, 2013Portland, Oregon
August 17th, 2013San Francisco, California
August 18th, 2013San Francisco, California
August 24th, 2013Paradise, Washington
August 24th, 2013Graham, Washington
April 12th, 2014Woodburn, Oregon
April 17th, 2015Mount Vernon, Washington
November 14th, 2015San Francisco, California
November 15th, 2015San Francisco, California
November 16th, 2015San Francisco, California
July 23rd, 2016Mount Hood, Oregon
July 31st, 2016Enumclaw, Washington
August 6th, 2016Paradise, Washington
August 13th, 2016Leavenworth, Washington
August 22nd, 2016Seaside, Oregon
September 23rd, 2016Charleston, South Carolina
September 24th, 2016Charleston, South Carolina
September 29th, 2016Atlanta, Georgia
August 29th, 2017Fargo, North Dakota
September 1st, 2017Bend, Oregon
September 4th, 2017Wheeler, Oregon