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water baby shot!!

Taking Hot spring in the morning with sunshine is my favorite  beauty ceremony...well, i am a keen on hot spring ..... i crept out of the room ,grabbed a bottle of water and coffee.... i slide down the pool, drew a deep breath and had coffee...nmmm... what a lovely morning... no nose ,the birds and butterflies accompanied me... more deep breath .. i still saw the moon hangs above the tree....  the tree are getting red due to the winter . i was a lazy panda bathing in the steam ....

Morning water baby...   hahaha.. Simon has already got ready for the breakfast and more photograph ... for sure... panda needs postcard shot...  I came out and back room.. 10 mins after , i  was ready and full of sugar.

... and my stomach was calling me...bibibibi....fooooood....

Hey, is it very far from here  to Alishan? Simon said.

nmm..basicly ,its not that far ...if we do not spend longer in mountains. i answered it  and had more coffee.

 Bear wants see the sunrise at Alishan.... ok... we changed the plan... cancled the WILD hot spring and the  Jhongjhihguan  old trail trip ..what a bloody driving today...we met lots of the road works which had been washed out by typhoon, broken bridge ,and collapsed tunnels... nmm we got 3 super typhoon durning one month and  just be hit by last one just one and half month before...

. it was a serious disaster.

Tienchin was the only stop  we did wthin this highway . We climbed the stairs to the Tienchin via Changching shrine... we found self a very quiet and empty place which just in front of the white wood... made a short rest with breeze in the  high mountains ... yea again , we were above 2200 meters of altitude. The view was spectacular,into the view were Yushan peak ,Yu peak and Guanshan ridge.Next to us was a bush of bamboos....  well , Tienchin was just a GREEN mountain lake..

We arrived Alishan around 1900, but it was already dark.... we found self a nice and cheap motel for tonight ,check the information of the sunrise viewing for tomorrow ...we dinnered at the same restaurant.

... hahaha.... we had  tiny stream shrimps , beef and very good and fresh of high mountain cabbages for dinner with tea.... Simon was confusing that why i had these shrimps WITHOUT removing ....hahah for local .... we ate this kind of the tiny shrimps form head to the end include their softed shell  ... okok... if you wannt to remove its shell by weach  ...hahaha.. it would not be a easy the end ,the staff recognized us as a funny couple who were mad with their IRONED BEEF with black pepper sauce few days before .He offered us a discount of 20 per cent  for dinner...Thanks boss, we will be back soon....hahaha

It was cold to us,yes even to Simon.. well, we were travelling at different area with a wild range of temperatures  ,because of the height and latitude... after a  cup of hot coffee  for each of us ,soon we hid  in the warmand cosy  bed and fall in asleep...

OH YA!!! tomorrow is sunrise day....

Bear, are you sure you will wake up that early  ??  

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water baby shot!!
water baby shot!!