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peak tram

Oh.. it was already  11 o'clock  when we woke up..oh ..men.....It would be a late day...grrrrrrr.

 "Hey, we were on vacation, no rush" Siomn reminded me with smile ...

Today , the plan was going up to the peak by Peak Tram. When we arrived the  tarin satin ,Simon was very interested in something like cable car (well , to me ,it is cable car). After  he checked the  railway which be set in the station, he told me, hey ,it is a railway system which named FUNICULAR, and very good with moving  on the very steep  sloop. He gave me an english word class and engineering explan ...(thanks Teacher Bear)

What is funicular ? very good question, according to the Wikipedia, it says , its a type of self-contained cable railway in which a cable attached to a pair of tram-like vehicles on rails moves them up and down a very steep slope, the ascending and descending vehicles counterbalancing each other.

..etc..(thanks Wiki).

Well, i got a bit problem with height, but i was enjoying the ridding , the view turns more wide, soon, we were already arrived. Up to the Sky Terrace and looked down form it was a nice experience. We decided come again at night, if the weather is okay.

What is our Dim Sum place for today, we picked a tea house ,namely Luk Yu  by  travel guide. WOW.... It is the style i like it sooo much , its decor is reminisce of the 50' chinese tea house, very old elegant, i felt that i was satying in the past...hohoho... The waiters were cool , its their style... cool , friendly and MOVING SO FAST. They dressed in traditional clothes, which consists  white  mandarin collared shirts and black baggy pants.... i really  want to ask them , do you know KUNG FU.

menu in old style... i like it!
..... soon , we had been guided to our seat, a waiter came to us ,carrying with a huage kettle full of boiling water, he refilled our teapot with well-executed...Simon was enjoying his tea and looking around , he had no worry about the hard order. The hot  fluffy  dumpling and Cha shu bau would be pleased him. OMG!! i want to eat everything which showing on the classic menu ...In addation, I ordered self a soup dumpling....it was served with piping hot.... i burned my lips enjoyable..hahaha....

Lantau island would be our next stop after Central. We would travel with Ngong Ping cable car.The journey starts at Tung Chung ,crossing a bay  ,keeping up till reach the peak station which you got a veiw on Airport land,then keeps up to the top station  ,in the end ,  turns in the air towards Lantau Island.

It was a quite stable ,25 mins ride with panoramic view.:D Simon was intersted with the big Buddha, alighted form the cable car,we went through  the small village, made steep steps to the Buddha.....hahah..Simon was busy on  the photograph....he took many many pictures of it. Take your time, i told Simon.

I saw the skies turn orange ... yess , Sunset time....We down stairs in the chilli wind.... Panda needs something warm ,I got a puppy nose and freeze fingers...Let's go get something sweet...OH YA!!! I bought self a chinese sweet soup with coconut milk and red beans and pudding ,Simon got a chocolate cake and coffee,we sat outside of the Starbucks, share the dessert under the sunset.......

We got a very nice sunset during the return journey of cable car,the skies turns indigo and dark , glimpses of the lights form the buildings , harbour and airport, birds flew cross the bay ,  fish men were on the way home, the young funny students shared the cable car cabin with us ,and we were above the sea , what a lovely journey.

the lovely sunset




wanderoam says:
I'd love to share with you some tips for going on both the peak tram and the sky terrace like you did. There are cheap combo tickets for buying both together which you can get on the peak tram website or via klook so you can skip the line for the peak tram altogether. Definitely worth doing!
Posted on: Jul 13, 2015
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peak tram
peak tram
menu in old style... i like it!
menu in old style... i like it!
the lovely sunset
the lovely sunset
funicular railway!!! an amazing en…
funicular railway!!! an amazing e…