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the sympol of light

Hong Kong , a place i used to stop many times for business,but have no chance to stay longer for beeing a tourist, exceptt 14 years before .We fly with China airline (the mark is a big pink blossom), very smooth traveling .

DimSum... Simiru  ... Sea Food......nmmm... my stomach was calling .....OH YA!!!!

Today ,we had dinner at OUTBACK steak house, lovely ribs and keeping comming Cola-light....hahaha...It was a fulled dinner to us , we need do some digestant walk ... nmm...  walking around the harbour . The starry skyscrapers night view, sea breeze comming to the face ,and the fulled belly ....  what a lovely night!!!  Simon was amazing by  the luxurious nigt view at the big city of asia.... hahaha.

.. thouht i have to show him the Tokyo or Shanghai (Pu Tung)...

Hey , i need do some shopping at Watsons, would you go with me or waiting  me outside of the shop? i said

I stayed outside... Simon said.

3 mins after... i saw a pettish bear comming to me...

Are you ok? what thing makes you soooo  uncomfortable? i ask

There's are plenty wierd people they were keeping nagging me for buying a fake watch or clothes...do i look like a FAKE ? he complained it.

Noooo,they just want to sell something to the tourist.... not a big deal.. just leave them away ..

They were trying hard...  there were 3 people  asking me the same questions in front of the camera shop in 3 mins... hahaha....

okay, time to feed the bear something SWEET ....  let's go to Haggen-Dazs....

Hongkongnese are good with BIG icecream.... most of them can clean a big plate of icecream in few mins... that's impressed me ...

after icecream, we haeded to Hotel by metro .....

Good Night Bear,Good Night Hong Kong

It was a relaxed  HK vacation  to me..... no drive , no business, no conference, just enjoy it ......hahaha

nmmm... i wanna go up to the peak, the open-air bus, the Lamma Island and DimSum....

Soon, i fall asleep ...  



dl4plm says:
was really annoying!!!

if i wanted shirts suit or a watch I can ask looooo!
Posted on: Dec 26, 2008
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the sympol of light
the sympol of light