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Oneday at Oct.. Simon and me were talking online ..suddenly,  he  told me that he can not stick the life anymore in Germany ... well...i really need to say "" I HAVE TOLD YOU"" yes ... i know i am like a mama.... i have nagged him many many  times durning the whole year....YOU NEED TO LET IT GO and BE HAPPY have to be happy , it is the most important thig in the world ..(still keep nagging even now..grrrrrrr ).

Who is Simon ? why i start travel with him? it breaks my rule which i only travel solo since i am 19.   Simon is a  important friend to me.. he does really take care of me very well and also keep telling me about the life(Xie Xie  Bear ^^ )...especiallty it was my first WINTER in EU.

 After Camal(my fiance) has died by accident, i was living like a body , i felt i am a Killer because i asked him buying me a milk for breakfast coffee.... so .. i have never deserved any good thing...and  another 2  dark and crazy-work years pass . in the end of the 2007, i got a chance to off my work and start my long stay in Germany Mom did me this favor...she kicked me out ...she wants her happy girl back...

On the way to Germany,   i was thinking ... life in Germany should be just like the long stay in US or JP but no work this time , i am a student and on the way try to find self... then when the temperature  dropping to 5 degree ,i met Simon.. both are lonely and on the way to light ...i am very appreciate to know him and  realized more thing in life from him.... we did really travel lott ,enjoy the FOOD , music and company together(YAKITORI MAD and Baga)durning the year, and learn more about self form each other... i hope Simon can find his way BUT NOT TRY THAT HARD one day... well... his a guy like the  most , always thinking on PERFECT and  living in his own safe world like a wolf ..nmm.... (yeap nagging again.. grrrrrrrrrrr) anyway...

Honestly ,i am  very sorry this boy still living in the past.. it is also a vexed noise in our converstation... i do really wanna help him if i can ,  but no one can help him except himself ....   after that day ...i was thinking is a start to him, maybe this boy will away his safe shell this time.... do something different , do something makes self unstop.... i do really happy to him .Two days after..,he told me a shocked NEWS..what ??!! you leave the VF?  when? till this Friday? i have never thought that this bigggg decision was made form Simon especially in this bad envirment... really a big surprise but can image it...

Nmm... he need someone's cuddle to cheer him up (me too) and send him some courages ... he also want to know more about the country where i come from ...and we both miss each ...we decided to make a asia trip this time before he off to NZ....

We promosed that we have to travel together more, he has to show me the Scottland and i have to show him the TW and JP ...who knows we can keep this word for how long ? but  Taiwan will be the first country in this case... 

We will stay in Taiwan for 10 days (it is 100% not enough) then go to Hong Kong for 6 days...  super navigator will also do the driver work this time....  we also promised that will do  many many Dim Sum and shrimps  ,of course... YAKITORI... :)

It would be an another adventure for us... A british bear's first unenglish speaking countrytrip. will he be okey with it?

for two food many dumplings and dim sum they will kill?

for two mountain lovers .... how many adventures they will do?

for two see lovers ....will they meet the sun on the seeside?

for experience of been traveling together ...will he bring the STROM with him???!!!  (PLEASE ....NOOOOOOOOOOOOO)

ok.. time to off to pick the bear up ...

then a story about Super navigator and driver is going to start....


omeprazole says:
hahaha...yesss our own online comapny for adventure..
Posted on: Dec 14, 2008
dl4plm says:
hahah yeahahhhhhhhh! panda & bear travel Co. make make it again wooohoooo! hahhahah!

go go pandaaaaaa!


Posted on: Dec 13, 2008
omeprazole says:
thanks for your smiles and comment.. Osaka , hahah..a very nice city in JP.. have you been to Hokaido ? there is a big nature there... :DDD
Posted on: Dec 11, 2008
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