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san and la
Brrrr.... it's so cold here in Sapa! Specially during the mornings and evenings. There's sun throughout the day, but it's still cold nevertheless! I just love it though. I think it's perfect! I didn't even sweat during the trek today. Back in manila, I sweat a lot. That's quite an improvement for me.

Anyway Today Thanh and I had the 10Km trek down to Ta Van Village. And of course, by today "buy from me" has gotten tired already. I love seeing the Hmongs, and taking pictures of them but the endless "buy from me" has got to stop. I dunno, I guess It takes awhile to get yourself to just shut off completely and ignore them all.

The trek was fun, the sights where awesome! i love the endless rice terraces i saw on the way. Also, there were a couple of Black Hmong girls (La and San) that followed me all the way from the town to the village.
"Buy from me, you took my picture" Says this very young salesman in Ta Van Village, Sa Pa Vietnam
I got to talk to them while walking, and according to San I can take a lot of pictures of them. OF course we all know how that ends - "buy from me". I didn't hesitate buying though from these two girls - the effort alone to walk that distance everyday. I gotta hand it to them and give them extra too, even if i have no need for a Pillow Case.

The trek, although longer than yesterday's, was a bit easier for me, I must say. Probably because it did not involve any steepness on the trail. And Like I said, the weather was just perfect for that activity. We got to finish a bit earlier than expected, I guess I walk really fast and I got to buy some really good stuff in the Village. And before I forget, there was this small boy - maybe about 2 years old, who also followed me around the village.
in full gear
I took a picture of him (and a video too) and he wouldn't stop following me for like a couple hundred meters just to make a sale, all the while saying "you take picture, buy from me" over and over and over. Some western travelers would probably find that cute, I just find it annoying. That's so not right for his age to do that. Anyway, I just gave him a coin, don't even know how much it was so he'd stop following me.

The latter half of the afternoon was spent on shopping, and hanging out at some nice cafes. By 6 PM, It was back to the train station with Cosi and Shueray. We didn't get on the train til 845, so we just hang out at some restaurant in front of the Station. There we got to talk to an elderly American couple who told us about their bad experience in Hoi An with their travel agent - Indochina Travel.
here comes "buy from me"

I kinda feel bad for them, but it's just amazing how the couple kept a positive attitude about it all. That was quite impressive.

On the train, I didn't get to share the cabin with the the travelers from Melbourne, but instead got to share it with a guy form Hanoi, and a couple (Carol and Cheong) from Penang. What do you can people from Penang? Penangese? Penangers? Oh, Malaysians!

Later I get to find out they are on their honeymoon. Perfect. I think I have this special way of intruding with couples on this trip. LOL! I like the couple actually, they were the coolest!
dyron_888 says:
Ito gusto ko puntahan kaso limited time :(
Posted on: Jan 11, 2013
jegs76 says:
ahahah honeymoon and u between them! ahhaahah 3some lol!;
biro lang;)
Posted on: Dec 11, 2008
ckwai7 says:
You call them Penangites! :D
Posted on: Dec 07, 2008
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san and la
san and la
"Buy from me, you took my picture…
in full gear
in full gear
here comes buy from me
here comes "buy from me"
ChaulongSapa Hotel
ChaulongSapa Hotel
honeymooners on the train back to …
honeymooners on the train back to…
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