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Like a scene from "Silent Hill". Hai Van Pass
I broke my new Monopod the first night I was here. just my luck. actually, it still works but the middle segment sort of got stuck.

Anyway, today I went to Hue. I originally had an overnight stay at the city planned, but 2 stays prior to my vietnam flight I changed my mind thinking that it would i'd be so tired when I get to Hoi An. I was right.

Just a day trip on a private car and I was dead-tired at the end. I booked a private Hue tour for $95 with Green Field Hotel here in Vietnam. I thought it would be a better option for me since I want to see the places I want to see at my own convenience.

Hue is like a 3 1/2 hr drive from Hoi An. The tour guide - Anh picked me up at the hotel and we went off at around 730AM.
a not-so Resident Evil. Hai Van Pass.
Anh is such a nice guy by the way. He has light brown eyes, I thought they were contact lenses.

So, he gave me an introduction to the tour. Enumerating the places we will go to, he said "On the way to Hue we will pass by The Marble Mountain, China Beach and Hai Van Pass... blah blah blah. In Hue we will arrive around 1030, we go first to The Citadel, have lunch, then to the Royal Tombs and the "Park Garden".

"Park Garden? That's not part of the itinerary." I said to myself. It does not say "Park Garden" on my travel voucher. I got a bit concerned and thought this was some kind of scam. And dude, I don't want to spend some time in a Garden... with flowers all around.

As we were passing Marble Mountain. He directed my attention to this Pagoda and said "See the PAK GADA there?" Right then I realized that after the Royal Tombs we will head on to the Thien Mu Pagoda.
The Citadel
My bad. I misheard his Pagoda as "Park Garden."

Driving by the Danang countryside en route to Hai Van Pass is I think one of the highlights of this trip. The view is just amazing. As we headed up the mountain, we rolled down the windows, it started to get cold and the next thing I knew, we were inside the clouds! That was really an awesome experience. On a sunny day, one could get to see the coast of Danang, but who needs that when you can spend time inside a cloud right?

Once in Hue, the Citadel took my breath away. Man, the place was so big! Too bad there were areas in bad condition, but restoration is currently underway. Hopefully one day this place wil regain it's former glory.

Lunch got me a little confused. I thought I only had to choose from the menu they gave me, apparently It was a set menu featuring Hue's famous dishes.
Khai Dinh's tomb.
I'm an idiot for not figuring that out immediately. Well, there was too much food for one person, I didn't finish them all.

We headed for Thien Mu Pagoda after lunch. I thought the Pagoda was the one I keep seeing on pictures. Apparently, it's just the tower. The Pagoda is behind it. As for the Royal tombs, we were supposed to go to 3 tombs, but I was a bit tired already by the 2nd tomb and it started to rain mid-afternoon, that I had to call it off and head back to Hoi An.

According to the things I've read about the Royal Tombs, the one's i've been to are the best ones to visit. First was Tu Duc's - which was elegant garden, as well as a really magnificent lake and pavilion. The Tomb of Khai Dinh, on the other hand, is more modern with a mixture of both eastern and western architectural elements.

On the way back to Hoi An, we passed by the tunnel. That was long tunnel. I fell asleep halfway through it.

p.s. check back for more pictures soon...

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Like a scene from Silent Hill.
Like a scene from "Silent Hill". …
a not-so Resident Evil.
Hai Van P…
a not-so Resident Evil. Hai Van …
The Citadel
The Citadel
Khai Dinhs tomb.
Khai Dinh's tomb.
I had a snowman for lunch... not.
I had a snowman for lunch... not.
Hai Van Pass.
En route to Hue
Hai Van Pass. En route to Hue
Marble Mountain, Danang.
en route…
Marble Mountain, Danang. en rout…
Hai Van Pass
Hai Van Pass
Thien Mu Pagoda
Thien Mu Pagoda
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