Back-faking it in Saigon.

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all i need to get by. Grand Hotel, Dong Khoi St.
So, after my terrible first day in Ho chi Minh City that continued on until lunch time today, What's a pissed off traveler got to do to turn things around for the better? Get a better star treatment!

Although the sky was a way better than when I arrived here (perfect for taking pictures!), the weather was so hot that i still felt uncomfortable with all my sweating. And I was really rude to a lot of people on the streets this morning. In Phan Ngu Lao, it was "buy this... buy this... buy this..." in every corner, that I had just about enough of it. 

1. Man selling me lighter: "NO! Can't you see that my lighter is on the table, what do I need another one for."

2. Man offering to shine my shoe: "Very Smart. I'm wearing sneakers. SHOE FLY Don't bother me!"

3. Man offering motor bike ride with massage and a happy ending: "GO AWAY!"

now this is the life!
Woman selling me Lonely Planet: "Leave me alone". She kept on pestering me that the nth time she attempted to try and sell me a book again, I snapped a pic of her that caught her offguard... And it turned on to be a pretty good pic.

5. Woman selling me Vietnam TShirts: "For that price?! That's Expensive! I'm not Caucasian. I'm not western. I look like you! My country is poorer than yours. Give me ASEAN price!"

The only good thing that happened this morning was the breakfast I've had at Benh Tanh Market and the Ice Cream at Fanny. Everything else, I'd rather not remember at all.

So given my situation and how I'm so much not enjoying Saigon, I contemplated on flying to Dalat or Nha Thrang and extend my stay in vietnam for a couple more days.  But that would mean more $$$ out, and extending my vacation is really not a very good option since I've already been gone too long and I have a business to run and a dog to feed.
Sheraton for some cocktails overlooking the city

So what's  the next best thing? Check in at a 4-star hotel. Besides, I only wanted to really get out of the hellhole that is Pham Ngu Lao and not the entire city. After 12 days of trying to not spend to much, I guess it was time to splurge and treat myself to some ambiance. I don't know maybe I guess you can call me a back-faker rather than a backpacker/budget traveler. hehe!

The hotel i was at in Pham Ngu Lao wasn't all that bad... it was just the area that doesn't appeal to me. Pham Ngu Lao is definitely No Khao San nor Hanoi Old Quarter. I just had to get out.

After checking in at The Grand Hotel,  my mood suddenly became better, I like Saigon better, and found myself loving the people all over again. Like I love them so much I bought almost anything that anyone offered me even if I didn't need it.

I was such in a good mood tonight that I actually feel the christmas spirit earlier than I normally would. 
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all i need to get by. Grand Hotel,…
all i need to get by. Grand Hotel…
now this is the life!
now this is the life!
Sheraton for some cocktails overlo…
Sheraton for some cocktails overl…
birds eye view of saigon.
bird's eye view of saigon. shera…
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