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And so, gentle reader; it seems that I am now a 'leading industry figure'.  Thankfully this was only by default as I was press ganged into attending a 'round table forum' in place of my company director.


Well at least I'd get a night in the capital and a meal in a decent looking restaurant.  Wine at sixty quid a bottle? - I'll have some of that!


So there I am on the 3.27 train out of Sheffield.  This is my favourite train of the moment as it's always empty and it gets you into St Pancrass at a reasonable hour.  [Obviously this isn’t my favourite train in the world as it's a rubbish Midland Mainline one out of Sheffield but it’s my favourite on this route since we don't get to travel on the Master Cutler any more!]


Setting off from Sheffield it was grey, cloudy and beginning to drizzle.  Annoyingly then when I got to London it was absolutely scorching and I felt somewhat over prepared with my coat etc.  Apparently it had been like this for the last few days - a fie on that North South divide!


It's been a few months since I was last here and work on St Pancrass station continues on - it's no longer the building site it had been for the past couple of years and is even allegedly opening properly in the Autumn.


A quick shuffle on the Victoria and Northern Lines and I'm at Goodge Street underground which stoically hangs onto its lift system rather than the usual escalators.


Next up is an amble along Tottenham Court Road to try and find my hotel - the St Giles.  Not having been there before I was glued to my map and turned off where I believed it would be situated.  I wasn't far wrong but I turned into a lovely leafy square surrounded by Edwardian town houses.  Well if it's on here then the hotel will be nice I thought...  Unfortunately it wasn't - it was on the next street and as I turned the corner I was faced with a large slab of 1960s concrete.  Wonder if that's the hotel by any chance?


[See review for my thoughts on the hotel]


Having finally found my cupboard... sorry room I was dismayed to find that there was no iron provided so the shirt I had brought to wear in the evening was going to look decidedly creased.


Never fear though as I half remembered a travelling tip that I am now about to impart to you dear reader.  In place of an iron simply hang your clothes up in the shower room, turn on the shower and close the door for a few minutes to let it fill with steam.  Ten minutes later and hey presto the creases should have dropped out.  Huzzah!!


And so onto the round table dinner.


It was held at a restaurant called Quo Vadis in Soho which was a five minute walk from the hotel and on such a nice evening it was a pleasant enough walk through the hustle and bustle (even if there was somewhat more hustle than I would have preferred.  Why is it tourists all walk so slowly as if in some sort of trance?)


I don't think it's particularly fair to review Quo Vadis as we were ensconced in a private dining room and were provided with a set meal.  The food was OK but not as outstanding as I had hoped but the free flowing wine went down well.


And what subject am I now an industry expert in you may ask?  Well I was there to discuss The Role of Web 2.0 Technology in Learning and Development in the Workplace.  Yowza!!  Very interesting it was too - especially as there were a couple of people there from one of the worlds biggest travel companies who were explaining how sites like this very one have shaken their industry to it's foundations and only now are they trying to catch up and compete.


During this I drank a lot of wine.

Amanda says:
OK, fair enough. Have your collar however you like it, just go!!!
Posted on: Jun 07, 2007
dougal says:
Well the Polish Bar sounds fun and I'm usually in the Holborn sort of area when down in the smoke.

As for 2007 I shall not be constrrained by your linear view of time.
Posted on: Jun 07, 2007
Amanda says:
Ha ha, brilliant! Sounds fun - but seriously, I'm dying for you to try out the Polish bar as soon as possible!! You really have to go! When will that happen please? The dress is not formal, but it's best not to have your collar popped up as the bar is, in fact, located in 2007.
Posted on: Jun 06, 2007
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