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A truly wonderful time for your alarm clock to go off isn’t it.

Unfortunately it was indeed that time my wake up call (which I had laboriously set despite the bizarre instructions which the hotel tried to foist upon me.)  I’m not keen on being away at this time of the night on the best of days.

Having wandered back to the hotel at around midnight I had made the mistake of flicking on the TV and ended up watching some film about German solders in WWII being haunted in a bunker.  Very interesting it was but of course that meant I didn’t get to sleep until around one thirty in the morning…

So here I am at six rather distressed that I had to be on the 8.30 train back to Sheffield in order to attend a meeting.

Now I’ve been in London on the underground at various rush hours in the past and it’s always hellishly packed so I had decided to leave myself a good forty five minutes to travel the short distance back to St Pancrass.

On this basis I rather eschewed the rather naff breakfast that was being provided.  A bowl of cornflakes and some orange juice was about all I had time for - I wasn’t going to hang about to see if anyone was going to offer me tea or toast – life is just too short.

So I set off for the underground expecting it to be thronging with the working masses on their way to work.  Except they weren’t.

There was barely anyone around.  The whole place was deserted - it was spookily like the opening of 28 Days Later as I wandered up Tottenham Court Road.

Down in the underground things were even quieter - I arrived on the platform to find I was the only person there waiting.  This was also reminiscent of the film Creep (except without the flesh eating mutant chasing me round the tunnels.)

And so the potential battle I had steeled myself for in order to reach St Pancrass never materialised.  Which meant that it only took me about five minutes to get there.  Which meant I had to sit for about half an hour waiting for my train.

At least I caught up on some sleep.  I didn’t wake up until Derby...

Amanda says:
Hmmmm.... quite a mystery it is... and yet, if I try to picture you in a zombie movie, it's not 28 Days Later - I rather see you more in Shaun of the Dead. I can see you now, all hold up in The Cremorne, having blocked all the points of entry. Everyone else will be concerned with the killer zombies, you'll be more concerned with making sure they all know what semi-famous people have gone drinking there... :-)
Posted on: Jun 09, 2007
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photo by: ulysses