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After a long break and getting used to being with the plants in my flat, Henry decided he should join me on a day trip to Montreal.  I had to go to Montreal for a day of meetings and told Henry that there will be no time for sight seeing or any type of tourist related travel as I will be there strickly for business and only for no more than 12 hours.   He still wanted to go, so on the backpack he settled. 

The 45-minute flight out of the city to Montreal remained uneventful.  The crew didn't even have time to offer complimentary drinks to the passengers.  Henry and I were lucky as we were sitting at the very front of the plane.  We got a serving a coffee and 8 pieces of almond covered chocolates.

   We were barely done with the coffee when the service crew announced an apology to the rest of the passengers in the middle and end rows for not getting to them with the in-flight service.  And soon enough, the crew was back at the front to collect the garbage.  Henry and I quickly finished up our drinks and handed the nice flight attendant our trash.  Since we have no luggage, getting out of the airport was quick and painless.  We got to the car rentals, pick up our car and headed to our hotel.  It is nearly 23:00 (11:00pm) and Henry's old age is getting the best of him.  He wants to get to bed.  Our hotel is about a 20-minute drive so it wasn't too bad.  By the time our car defrosted, we were pulling up to the hotel's parking lot.
  Checking in was a breeze since I am a Platinum member.  Key cards are ready and check in paperwork is done.  I've stayed at this hotel before, about a year or two ago, and it was under renovations.  It is two years later and it is still is.  Henry was not pleased that we had to walk through renovation rummage before we get to our room.  I've never seen a gnome have a diva moment. We were offered free beers as part of being a Platinum member for each night we were staying there.  Since we area only staying one night, we thought we'd hit the hotel bar and help ourselves to a few beers.  We handed over our beer vouchers and was told we can only order local or Budwiser (American).  We looked and each other and though "eeewwwwweeee", but figured a beer is a beer.
  We got ourselves a Bud (seriously waterdown nectar for the idiots)...another gnome diva moment.  Henry and I are just used to refined beer tastes from our travels. So to Holiday Inn Montreal Airport Hotel...we say "You SUCK!" 

We got up early as I had to be in meetings first thing that day.  In fact I would be in meetings all day...finishing roughly around 1400hr (2pm).  I promised Henry I will take him to something "Montreal" before we leave this nice city.  Starving, I took him to the only thing I can think of "Montreal" or "Quebec" that we can do in an hour - St. Hubert.  Only available in these parts of Canada...I thought it'd be a treat.  Montreal would not be complete without a visit to St. Hubert. LOL!  Then, witha  few minutes to spare, Henry and I dashed off to a jewish bakery to get some authentic Montreal Bagel for everybody back in the city. 

So off to the airport we go and fly back home.  Very short, uneventful trip to Montreal.  But hey, it added another city to Henry's roster.  We hope that we get to go away again somewhere awesome soon. 

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photo by: cvanzoen