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Todd and Henry...Reunited

So Henry had been travelling with me across the US most recently and upon my return thought that he went missing forever. I looked every where...in my luggage, in my backpack, in my carry on...but he was no where to be found. I went as far as calling the hotel and the airline company hoping they may have run into him on the plane or still in the room in my hotel...but only to no avail.  Very depressed about the sudden disappearance of my travel gnome, I created a Facebook Group Obituary page for Good Ol' Henry as a way to remember him.  

One day, whilst visiting with my sister and her family, I asked my 4 year old nephew if he had seen Henry around his house. I frequent their house when doing laundry after a trip. It gives me an opportunity to see the kids and give them presents from my trip whilst using their oversize washer and dryer to do laundry. He pointed to the laundry room and told me he was in there. He even asked if it was my "doll" that has a pointy hat with no hands. Having just come back from the laundry room and not seeing Henry there, I told him that he was not. Then he said, "Maybe a monster ate him". And with that, I went on to accept that Henry is forever gone.

One night, for some reason, I asked my sister to check around her house again if I may have left Henry on my last visit with them. And to my surprise she did! I asked her where she found him, but she said she didn't. My 4 year old nephew went to the laundry room and got him. The bugger knew where he was and I didn't believe the kid! She said, I must have placed him in the bag near by and forgotten about the bag, and my nephew was telling the truth all along that he was in the laundry room. 

In any event, I'm very glad to have found Henry and we're both looking forward to going on trips again together. The video is a documentation of our reunion. Enjoy!

Todd and Henry

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Todd and Henry...Reunited
photo by: yasuyo