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are you leaving me again????
It was spring in Lima and days were getting sunnier. I have already been able to get tanned, haha. So, why am I leaving the sunny days I love so much? Well, I have always wanted to experience a real Thanksgiving, which is not possible in Peru, since we don't celebrate it.  Eric invited me to his hometown during these days in order to see how this big holiday is like. But this wouldn't be the only thing new for me. By that time it should have started to snow in Michigan. I was hopping it did. We don't have snow in Peru, so it would be nice for a change. Although it meant leaving the sunny days back. Therefore I got tanned, so when I came back home I wouldn't look so pale, haha.

I have been really busy the whole week.
too much for just 2 weeks, haha, well everything is winter clothing...
Not only with my regular work, but also with my TB's work. Mal was in town, a new TB arrived to Lima (he would stay for 1 year in town) and 2 others just came back to the city. So it was a busy but fun week, no complains at all. Therefore I didn't  start packing until today morning, haha. I had to call Eric, so he would give me the last news about the weather, haha.

By 3pm I was ready. Gunther didn't notice I was packing, so I was able to do it quick. Mom arrived at 6:30pm and we were hanging out for a while. I arrange a taxi and it came for me at 9pm. I said good bye to dad, mom and Gunther and left, In our way to the airport the trafffic was crazy, it was Friday night...

Nevertheless I arrived early and could go through security and clear customs easily. I just had to wait at the gate. Although it was a long wait, it wasn't so bad since I had internet access, haha. Don't need to say what I was doing online, haha. It was almost midnight when we started boarding. The journey has already started...
Lord_Mike says:
Posted on: Dec 04, 2008
yadilitta says:
yes, I know... I'm unique :)
Posted on: Nov 21, 2008
jos-nijenhuis says:
Most people leave the winter to find some sunny spring weather :). You're different..
Posted on: Nov 20, 2008
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are you leaving me again????
are you leaving me again????
too much for just 2 weeks, haha, w…
too much for just 2 weeks, haha, …
I had time to get my feet done, ya…
I had time to get my feet done, y…
the empty gates...
the empty gates...
very important, haha
very important, haha
my flight was on time
my flight was on time
photo by: rsvpme