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Another 'nuah' day today.
Walked up the hill to visit the Pablo Naruda house in Valparaiso.
It's a beautiful place. Set high on the hill overlooking the harbour. The house was built in the 1960's but I must say he has excellent tastes. Really took the best of the 60's and combined it with his perchance for nautical themes. Just enough kitch without looking over the top. The lower 2 floors were actually owned by a doctor friend and he took the upper 3 floors. Unfortunately we were not supposed to take photos so I being the obedient sort followed the rules.
I especially loved the study room right on the top level. Great views nice breeze. I could just imagine sitting up there coming up with all kinds of creative ideas.
seafood platter

I must say I may be a bit dense. Not really getting the few poems he wrote. Maybe I should get back to them again. Maybe after chile, it'll all make more sense.
Anyways there was an exhibit by some of Joge's students in the gallery in the Naruda compound. The majority of work was kinda amatuerish but you could see they were trying to find their 'own voice' as it were. One of the girls had travelled from Israel just to study with him.
We spent the rest of the morning walking around the outdoor museum. Unfortunately part of it had been defaced by people who thought they'd 'add' to the work.
Lunch was spent with Sergio at a the central Mercado in Valparaiso. We had a great seafood lunch for a great price too.
Actually we were seafooded out by the late afternoon. The only thing missing was sea urchin. Really wanted to try some.
After all the food dinner became a simple affair consisting of fruits we had bought at the market.
Tomorrow we were planning to visit some vineyards

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seafood platter
seafood platter
photo by: montecarlostar