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Finally made it to santiago after 22hr flight from singapore. Must say it must have been one of my longest flights ever with a 3 hr lay over in sydney and 2 hrs in auckland. It didn't help that I was packed into kettle class. I barely fit into the seat and before an hour was up my back was aching already. I  really can't understand how a big caucasian person could fit in that seat. And lets not even talk about DVT's. That's deep vein thrombosis for the uninitiated. ie the blood clots that you get in your legs if you don't move around enough on long flights. Maybe i should invest in a set of stockings but that would look so 'aunty' and uncool.

I was initally so excited as i'd managed to get a flight on the new airbus 380. supposedly with 4 inches more of leg room.

honestly I didn't seem to notice any difference. The TV screen was a little bigger but apart from that it wasn't all that great. If anything it takes like forever to load and unload the plane as there's something like 500 to 600 passangers. Well at least some of the stewardesses were quite cute [ SIA]. But I think overall the standard has dropped.

As for the LAN flight from sydney, well it was truly cattle class.

Cost about 22 us to get a cab to my accommodation. Happy House Hostel. OK if you're reading this and sniggering,,,, no there's no hash in the food here and there are no bongs..... well at least I haven't seen any. It's a more upmarket kinda hostel. At least it's priced that way. with a private room for 50 to 60 US. Yes I know I've become soft.

I like my privacy lah. It's an age thing..

Didn't realise that chile could be so hot in nov. it's a blistering 33 degrees celsius. Went up the st cristobal hill and got burnt. and the cable car ride was like an oven.

As for the city it's ok I guess. Some interesting old buildings and stuff and the odd querky cafe. Must say I really haven't had much time to explore as I'm supposed to be at a 'conference'

Ah yes the Societie International Urologic meeting. The've set it up at the estancia riesco. It's this convention centre in the middle of nowhere. Took the metro to the northern most station then a taxi. The programme wasn't too bad the usual speil by the usual guys on their pet topic. But lunch was atrocious. 15US for a crappy cafeteria lunch.

Will check out Cateral. supposed to be one of the most swish and happening bar/restaurants in santiago.

Yeah! one more day of conference then I can finally head down to Pantagonia!!

mikevirgo0824 says:
i totally understand the privacy thing! and you are right it must be an age thing! hahaha
Posted on: Dec 06, 2008
sunnietart says:
woah sounds exciting!
except i really am nt a fan of warm weather! argh!
Posted on: Nov 21, 2008
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