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One of my last adventures in Bolivia was my trip to San Pedro de Uyuni.  This was after I broke my leg on the road of death, and was quite an adventure.  San Pedro de Uyuni is between Cochabomba and the salt flats in Uyuni.  The soil is bad, the altitude is very high, salt is all over the place on the ground, and theres dust everywhere.  Also the place is remote, the one thing that I'll never forget is riding in the bad ass united nations mobile (landrover) for 16 hours barely seeing a sole.  The project we were working on was very important for society though.  We were testing solar energy to be used for water purification which has numerous applications in the third world and developing world.


One thing is that san pedro is SMALL.  The population is not friendly to outsiders and before talking to anyone we had to have the town elders come talk to us to make sure our intentions were pure.  We were showing off various solar powered stoves, and it was quite an amazing process between investigation to people who became outright friendly.  For me its so odd to see a culture that is sooooo different than american culture (sorry europe). 

The culture here is also one that is dieing off.  One thing that is very popular is tintu, which is a ritual fight between two groups.  Its a right of passage for males in some areas.  One of the things I saw were a lot of kids practicing for this, and they were beating eachother bloody. 

They also have cow tintu, (well bull tintu) where they chain two bulls together, hit them in the testicles, and they fight. 



jendara says:
The train from La Paz to Oruro is still closed!!!
Posted on: Apr 09, 2009
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San Pedro
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