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Ready to chow down

Why don't cochabambinos eat between meals.

There *IS* no "between" meals.

How do you kill a cochabambino?  Glue a cows heart to the bottom of a swimming pool!

My favourite city in bolivia is cochabamba, not because it is prettier than any other city in the country, or because of its great sites (see huge jesus statue), but because of the cochabambinos.

This is your churrasco. Cost about 4 USD, my little bolivian friend jorge easily finished, I struggled

So what is a cochabambino?   Well cocha indicates they are from cochabamba, and the bambino, that’s another story.  From an etymological stand point its from taking bomba, adding the ending ino, to singinify "from cochabomba", but in fact the name is a reflection of the culture of cochabamba.  According to wikipidia a bambino is an italian little boy, or a brand of adult diapers.  A fun fact is that cochabamba has a large immigrant population from italy, but also the people act like "little boys".  In my time in that city I never heard more bawdy jokes, or eat such obscene quantities of food.... and since is no place for bawdy jokes I thought it would be a good idea to write about the food of the cochabambinos since entries about it are low and lets face it, my memory is shit so I can't write an honest restaurant review : )

Silpancho:  A silpancho is a sandwich popular in cochabamba and can be found on street corners across the city.

A cochabambino, ready to tell some bawdy jokes and eat three times his weight in meat.
  We found ours by waiving down a taxi, and saying "tómenos a silpancho", and the driver happily joined us for one.  A silpancho is:  A fried steak (beef or chicken), a fried egg, french fries (freedom fries for us yanks), fried onions, tomatoes, hot sauce, all placed on a bun.  Cost was 4 bolivianos, which is like .5 USD. 

Churrasco:  Your basic south american barbeque but in texas sized portions.  See my picture that amount of meat cost me 4 usd.  In la paz you'll get say a steak, or a hunk of cow tongue..... in cochabamba your treated like a king, or texas oil tycoon.  Like elsewhere in bolivia the churrasco is supplied with a huge plate of french fries.  Expect to get a hunk of steak, some sausages, and sometimes even more, a cochabambino will easily finish the plate, are you up for the challenge?

Pique Macho:  This is the crown jewel of the cochabambino cuisines.  At a minimum you'll get chopped steak, and some sort of sausage cooked in a heavy beer sauce, if your lucky you'll get an eclectic combo of cow udders, tongue, heart, and liver (not so good!).  Its then topped with hard boiled eggs, cilantro, this comically hot pepper that the gringo has to eat, and sliced tomatoes.  The only shopping centre in cochabamba has a great pique macho place! 

So if your in Cochabamba don't just get up and go see some jungles, or do something physical, but instead pretend your a cochabambino, and eat the whole day and tell bawdy jokes. 



nobaddays says:
Cow udders...sounds yummy!
Posted on: May 08, 2009
jendara says:
A good blog about the Cochabambinos :)jajaja
Posted on: Apr 10, 2009
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Ready to chow down
Ready to chow down
This is your churrasco.  Cost abou…
This is your churrasco. Cost abo…
A cochabambino, ready to tell some…
A cochabambino, ready to tell som…
Busting out the silpancho! This on…
Busting out the silpancho! This o…
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