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With this marvellous lake beside us nelson and i decide to go for a kyak today to check out the sights, its not long walking down the street b4 a dude we had  met the day b4 started offering us kyaks rather than the usual greenery the peoples on the side of the road offer, he led us down to the lake side, on the way he explained to us how the night b4 he had been to the moon, poco loco is what i wanted to nick name him. He pointed to san marcus which was just a general direction to some cliffs to jump off that were about an hour paddle away. About 45mins later we had slowly made our way across to the cliffs (and came to the conclusion he may have over estimated the length so we would rent the kyaks longers) to which nelson had said didn't look that big until we were getting real close.
There were 2 spots to jump off one not so high and the other much higher than anything i had previously jumped off, nello climbed up did a back flip off the smaller one and said come on lets do the big one i liked his style, at the top he yells to me its much higher than i thought but than just did it to which i followed him up to the top to find this american dude looking over the edge and thinking about it, i thought to myself don't think and just jumped straight away the air time from the perspective of the person falling is much longer than if u are watching, wondering if i was ever gonna gonna hit the water i found myself screaming something along the line of gggggggiiiiiiigggggggggaaaattttyyyyy splash!!!!! was freakin awesome so up we went and we both jumped off together made for a wikkid pic. other people there watching us decided to give it a go this guy and his girlfriend were up there for ages and all of a sudden we heard a girls voice screaming jumungiiiiiiiii and we turned to see a very excited girl jumping and the face way up the cliff of a very freaked out boyfriend thinking shit now i gotta do it or i'll be shamed out. He wasn't shamed out, not to long later he found himself plumeting rather rapidly towards the awesome waters of the lake. Returning to san pedro b4 the winds picked up it was time for some beers to celebrate our day on the lake and drink some beers we did ;)
JeAr says:
jumanji lmao! and what does giggaty mean, anyway? :O
Posted on: Mar 11, 2009
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