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Having said my goodbyes and welcoming the idea of being a "lone traveller" for the rest of my travels i caught a flight to cali where i was meeting my friend Rochi. Upon arriving i called rochi's number and i recieved no answer, a little lost as what to do i decided facebook could be my saviour, jumping on line i found she was not logged in so i just started chatting to some friends to kill some time. After awhile i asked the lady working in the internet store how much a taxi would be to cali city, which turned out to be a long way with a cost of about $us30. Shortly after i asked, the guy sitting next to me turned and confirmed the price and asked where i wanted to go, i explained my situation and he sid he´ll try call on his mobile still no answer, i decided there is a good chance i was going to stay in a hostel that night.
the guy produced a police badge and explianed to me he was with a special investigation unit and he could give me a lift in the police taxi if i would like. after a few ums and argghhhs i decided fuck it whats the worst that could happen get kidnapped or something. So i jumped in the taxi and off we went, the whole ride he told me about his family and where they live, he even said that if i could not find a place to stay i could crash on his couch and tried to call rochi again this time leaving a msg saying that "he was the police and he was with her friend chris".. he was just so genuinely friendly like i found out all colombians are, eventually during the longish drive to town rochi rang back freaking out about how i had managed to get myself caught up with the police already. They arranged to meet a the police station closet to rochis place, i tried to give him some money when rochi arrived but he would not take it, so i thanked him and off rochi two of her friends and i went to have a beer and popcorn at a little place called reggae-pop.
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photo by: timbo