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Having not much sleep, we all awoke today as captives on the boat, the coast guard informed us we were not to leave the boat until they recieved further notice from imigration, we by now just wanted to be on land and everyone was getting prety seriuos cabin fever. i chose this opportunety to hang my soaking wet cloths that had be in my summersed rucksack 2 days prior and now were geting quite a smell about them, on the rails of the boat. This was a good idea as it changed my mind frame from really wanting to be off the boat to hoping that the coast guard would not call until my clothes were dry. Some of the locals came aboard to suss out what the damage was and after alot of negotiations it was decided they would start work straight away so not only were we stuck on the boat but we had extra company and the the boat was getting pulled apart.
 After the coast guard not returning for a long time we devised a silly scheme of saying rosey was not well and tarick rowed the kyak to shore to find the coast guard. He disapeared for a long time and we figured he was a goner, caught by some farc or something, but eventualy he returned with the coast guard who were worried about rosey but rosey no longer wanted to be sick  and we got out of it by say lost in translation, anyways taricks little story of what happened on land was pretty crazy involving the colombian army, guns being pointed and a whole lot of really broken spanish to try explain what he was doing, he learnt real quick in a situation like that.. eventually the big thumbs up for us to head to shore was given, we grab our stuff and jumped an over priced speed boat to shore, upon arrival there was a shabby little 4wheel drive and a bunch of dicey looking guys waiting to take us to the closest town with a bus station.
Keep in mind here we have no real idea we were we kinda just trust them that the the 1 and hr hour drive would get us to a bus. Off we went convincing myself we were probably being kidnapped, they told us we would make for the last bus if we hurry and hurry this little 4x4 did only to get there just after the last bus to cartagena had left. By some luck they found a mini van that was willing to take us on our journey. hours later we arrive in Cartegena and we get dropped in the area with cheap ho(s)tels, its the dodgier part of old town and we are quickly surrounded by street guys wanting to "help us" find a place to stay, in the end all they did was follow us and annoy the crap out of us. We found a place and moved in, when we were on the other sid eof the gate the guys started asking for tips of $10 for the great deed that had just done for us, they didn't let up, standing with the arms stretched through the gate yelling to us we got the receptionist to get them to leave and we begun to call them los locos because sure enough each time that we walked out they amongst many other drug dealers and people just loitering around were there.
it gave the place character but gave me good reason to leave my valuables somewhere safe when going to get a slice of pizza from the street stores. having now walked with rod and tarick to the main square we grabbed some fried chicken and beers to mix with the already consumed pizza. We had been low on food in the boat as we ended up sailing for 4 days longer than expected so some much needed grease to get our fat supplies back was needed.. it had been a long day and it was time for bed!!!
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Isla Fuerte
photo by: Giggaty