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Today i woke early around 5am, i jumped out of bed through the freezing cold air into my clothing. All rugged up i missioned down the path to the bus station excited to be getting on the first bus. As i approached i noticed that every man, women and their llama(there unfortunatly was no llama's but it adds to the story) was waiting in line already. Luckily there was a line of mini buses almost as long, waiting to carry all these tired and blurry eyed tourist to one of the most spectacularly set ruins in the world......::: Machu Picchu :::...... as we zig zagged up the mountain side from the town of aguas calientes to the height of 2400m, the view was stunning. Jumping off the bus and passing the front entrance I made way up to the first view point where i could see Machu picchu still sleeping under a blanket of fog.
 Quitely took a few photos and continued with light foot steps onto the watchmans hut and down over to an area where there were no other admires of this sleeping beauty. I just sat and watched, imagining the incas cruising around doing there thing until i decided it was time to go say hello to machu picchus very own groomers the llama's, who at this point were hanging around the centre square. I like llamas almost as much as sloths. After annoying the llama's for a while i wandered through the many doorways and passages. At one stage a bunch of noisy tourist came running through towards an area i had not been yet, i had previously been told about wanna picchu, the peak u see in the background of all the postcard pictures and that i should climb it.
After following these rowdy characters i found myself at the gates to wanna picchu and also that there were no more tickets to climb up today as they only allow a certian amount of people up....bugger!!! Wandering around a bit more and listening in on some guided tours i came about the knowledge that it was still possible to climb wanna picchu as they still let a few more people up every hour, once again upon my return to the gates i found myself in a line with every man women and llama(this time there were llama but not in line). i decided that although the view would be amazing from the top i did not want to wait in line and that i would rather spend my time watching my friends the llamas eat grass. Sitting on the most comfortable rock i could find, i heard some aussie guys walk past and say hey lets go play with the llama's, resisting the urge to join them i remained on my rock and just watched why people from around the world tend think we aussies are slightly crazy.
One llama was laying down and they were standing by it taking pics when one of them walked slowly around behind the llama laid on the ground and ever so slowly riggled his way up beside the giant mop looking creature in order to give it a hug, the llama was not to phased and they got a picture of him in this position. 2 other guys followed in his foot steps and got themselves pictures aswell. the last guy decided to try go from another angle more of a face to face aproach, laying facing the llama within a metre he started doing kissing motions, i think they got a picture and everyone got a giggle but the llama had had enough and decided to jump to its feet and depart incase this crazy aussie dude actually was gonna kiss it.. With a large smile upon my face i missioned back over pass the watchmens hut to some bridge that once was another entry point, after seeing that i climbed back down to the watchmens hut and found yet another comfy rock to sit and pass away the remaining time just watching tourists do there thing and ponder life as an inca or as a llama.
i decided after about 4 or 5 hours of machu picchu viewing it was time to head off and as i stood in yet another line for the bus to carry me away it started raining as if to confirm my choice of time for leaving. Arriving back in town i wandered yet again through the markets for a quick perusal then back up to my hostel to pack my stuff. After the receptionists friends flirting with me for awhile it was time to head off to the train station but not before dropping by my favourite resturant and saying goodbye to my favourite waitress and sharing with her some of the pictures i had taken that day. The train ride home to cusco felt much longer than the train ride there, it was cold, dark and i was sleepy. back in cusco i stayed in a hostel that i think had 2 other people in it, as everything else was full by that time of night.
It was good, i had a room to myself for some much needed rest!!!!
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Machu Picchu
photo by: NazfromOz