Glimpses of Geishas

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Walking towards the train station through the back streets of Gion i hoped to catch a glimpse of the elusive geisha, these days they do not get out and parade around to much as tourists turn into full blown paparazzi when they are spotted, so i heard i should stick to some back streets and see if i get lucky. Making sure i got nice and lost, with a few dead ends and little old japanese ladies giggling at me for walking up the wrong alleys, i eventually saw a taxi drive past with some geisha in it. As alot of japanese tourists dress up as giesha for somethjing to do, i was a little bit sceptical but i saw they had full blown make up on and they glid out of the car and into a building so quickly it had to be them. Stoked with what i had just seen i kept on my mission towards home still through backalleys, only to turn a corner and walk a full length of the street with a geisha walking the oppisite direction, i had her all to myself no paparazzi. Was dark so i couldn't get into paparazzi mode either so i just tried not to stare and kept on keepin on.

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photo by: ys484