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An american dude i had met in tamarindo and his buddy rocked up this day, high on life as they just spent an amazing morning whitewater rafting somewhere near san jose and then missioned down to meet up with us in puerto viejo. I told them i had previously seen sloths in the trees near the beach we were at and they got excited, so i ran off to find a sloth, they were no longer in the trees i saw them in, so getting my steve eirwin skills on(as all australians have) i figured if i was a sloth i would not have moved to far to fast and checked some of the trees near by and sure enough about 40metres just across the road i found one hanging out, i quickly ran back to the fellas who were still laying on the beach and started yelling "crikey theres a sloth, come quick" to which they replied "dude its a sloth theres no hurry" we still walked at a decent pace as they had not yet seen a sloth and i just freakin love the little smiling buggers. That night i was in no shape for another stint in the bars of viejo the previous nights were taking a toll and i decided to stay in no matter how much the boys tried to call me a pussy, i was hurting and just not keen. This is not my story but the americans story of the night as remembered by me that happened whilst i was asleep in the hostel. It all started well with copious amounts of drinking in some bars with the rastas of viejo, at one point they found themselves sitting by a fire near a beach it was all goods until a chick sitting with them wipped out a spliff and started smoking it. Cops ran from the trees and started shouting then more came with machine guns and pointed them at them all the time shouting in spanish, luckily one of the dudes could speak a bit of spanish and explained that they were not smoking and the girl was taken away and put in a cell only to be bribed and released not to much later. After that one of the dudes ended up meeting a girl and they ended up loosing each other. now by himself one of the american guys was stumbling down the road out the front of one of the bars and the many people in them when all of a sudden out of no where a motocycle rammed square into his leg sending him into a flip, land and bounce sorta situation. All he could see was a bright light and hear a voice speaking spanish and he drunkly answered "estoy bien estoy bien" but really he had just been hit pretty hard by a motobike and was a bit injured. the moto sped off b4 anything else could be said or done, that was the end of the night for him. The other guy though had hooked up with a chica and had decided to have a romantic walk along the beach back to the hostel which was all well and good until they took two steps into the forest which you have to pass through to reach the rear gate, when two guys jumped out from behind them and held knives to their throats, demanding valuables. It was the end of the night all he had was a cheap phone and $12 in his pocket, the robbers were not happy with this amount and demanded more. he said he could duck into the hostel and grab a bit more money just let the girl go, but they wouldn't and he was lead towards the gate still at knife point all the time with the girl saying "don't leave me, don't leave me" he was in a high stress kinda situation all he could think of was getting the extra money to make them let them go but as soon as he was led away the other guy with the girl spun her around and demanded her to suck his cock, she refused and tried to get away and he stabbed at her which her reaction was to try block and her hand was cut, as all this was happening someone in the hostel grounds had heard comotion and walked to the gate. this startled the robbers and they scrammed but not before trying to bitch slap the american dude. So when i woke in the morning and asked "how was your night last night" the reply was "f%&ked up" and after being told this story i was glad i stayed in bed!!!
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